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Bluedot: Sustainable Sunday Brunch By Bike

When friends recently suggested we meet for Sunday brunch, I turned it into a challenge. How could we have the most fun with the smallest carbon footprint? The weather was beautiful that weekend, so I knew the plan had to involve the beach. I live only a few miles away, but the more sustainable choice was to not take my car: According to the EPA, if I drive just ten miles less each week, in a year I’ll save 500 pounds of CO2 — about as much as four trees sequester over ten years. If that doesn’t sound like a lot, consider this: If all Americans drove just ten miles less each year, we’d save 116 billion pounds of CO2, which equates to so many trees I can’t even calculate it.

Read more on Blue Dot. Are you inspired — where will your two wheels take you?  Tell me about it in comments, below!

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