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Best Fair Trade Chocolate for Valentine’s Day

Do the pink and red boxes of mass produced chocolate made from cacao that can’t seem to shake its connection to slave/child labor make you uncomfortable? If so, please join me in choosing fair trade chocolate this Valentine’s Day!


As I reported in this oldie-but-goodie gift guide, fair trade chocolate manufacturers forge economic partnerships that can alleviate poverty, reduce inequality, and create opportunities for farmers and artists—especially women, who produce 76% of fair trade goods. These businesses combat human trafficking by creating opportunities for parents, so that they don’t resort to selling their children’s labor. These certified fair chocolate manufacturers let you put your money where your mouth is — and they’re truly delish!


Customize the wrapper on Tony Chocolonely’s classic fair trade chocolate bar.


Kroger’s fair trade chocolate and sea salt combo is a perennial favorite.


This family-run company produces beautiful boxes of fair trade chocolate treats, but the frog has my heart.


These plant-based fair trade chocolate bars come straight from the heart of Napa, California and the design is as delicious as what’s inside. 


If your taste trends towards drinking fair trade chocolate, try Numi. They’re all fantastic, but I’m partial to their delicious concoction accented by pink Himalayan salt. 

None of this is sponsored, it’s just fair trade chocolate that I happen to like — if you want to source your own, just look for the “fair trade certified” label.

Oh, and P.S. as St. Paddy’s day is just around the corner, you can avoid the toxicity in that plastic McD’s cup by making your own vegan Shamrock Shake — click here for the recipe!

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