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Activists Target @Nestle 4 #Drought Bottling

Plastic water bottles are so 2005. But in California, the environmental impact is exacerbated by the drought. Despite serious drought conditions, Nestle continues to bottle water in California–as much as 700 million gallons per year–and they don’t intend to stop. In the wake of Starbucks’ production halt on their Ethos brand, Nestle CEO Tim Brown went on record to say, “If I could increase [bottling], I would.”

That’s why the Courage Campaign has organized a statewide day of action at Nestle’s Los Angeles bottling plant this Wednesday, May 20th. Want to get involved? Click the link to sign up. If you’re not in L.A. you can join the fight by boycotting Nestlé Waters brands, including Arrowhead, Poland Springs, and Zephyrhills.

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