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A Conscious Mother’s Day Gift Guide

mother's day gift guide dress, wrap, necklace and platterWith three kids, Mother’s Day is a big day for DIY in our home. I’ve received everything from heartfelt homemade cards to a rock song written in my honor. But when it comes to buying gifts, I look for fair trade and sustainably made products. I discovered these gorgeous gifts on Earth911’s YouChange marketplace. Because a celebration of love for your mother should include a nod to Mother Earth! When it comes to buying gifts, I look for fair trade and sustainably made. Because a Mother’s Day Gift Guide should include a nod to Mother Earth, right? My kids always want to give me breakfast in bed, but the problem is I get up before all of them. What might make me stay in bed a little longer? The thought of my favorite organic cereal served on this upcycled serving platter, made from a reclaimed pallet. ($70)

I love the vaguely 1970s design of this winged heart necklace, crafted from recycled metals. I would wear this every day—especially when the work/life balance gets challenging, it’s a great reminder to remain lighthearted. ($40)

Especially when visiting heavily air conditioned places like New Orleans, where this wrap was designed, I always have a large square of some sort of lightweight fabric folded up in my purse. This gorgeous, fair-trade made wrap could go from shoulders to hips to beach blanket in a pinch. ($34)

Hand-stamped with azo-free dyes in India, the beautiful lime-green fabric of this fair-trade made dress is so perfect with the purple piping. Plus, it has pockets, which are essential for moms. I would wear this over a swimsuit—or with heels on a date night. ($59)

What are you doing for Mother’s Day? Are environmentally conscious gifts on your list to give—or get? Tell me about it in comments below!

This Mother’s Day Gift Guide originally appeared on Earth911.


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