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4 Water Saving Gadgets

water saving showerhead against white backgroundCalifornia is in a serious drought right now, which some are saying could be the worst in history. We can debate the role of climate change until we’re blue in the face–many states just keep getting drier. And while we can’t solve this problem overnight, we can easily take control of our household water usage–saving money wherever you live. These four water saving gadgets can help you conserve where you didn’t even know you were wasting! While we can’t solve the drought overnight, these four water saving gadgets can help you conserve where you probably didn’t even know you were wasting! SHOWER SAVE

If your showerhead went in before 1992, it can pump as much as eight gallons of water per minute. A low-flow showerhead can cut consumption by 75% to about two gallons per minute. Add a pause valve–which lets you stagger water usage by taking a “navy shower” in which you turn off the tap while you lather up–and you can make a serious dent in the 10 gallons of water used during a typical shower. At Climate Store, I found a pause-function showerhead that cuts usage to 1.5 gallons per minute, for only $15.99.


During the last “worst drought in history,” which took place in the 1970s, a toilet could waste as much as eight gallons per flush. Today, it’s about 1.5 gallons, and is flushed about five times per day. If you rent–or can’t afford to switch out an older model–drop a Toilet Tummy ($2.99) into the tank. After filling the bag with water, the adjustable device floats, reducing the amount of water per flush.


No electricity? No problem. Use a little elbow grease and a LaundryPOD ($99.99) to get clothes clean. It needs only five gallons of water–that’s 20-25% of what’s needed for a regular washing machine. And you can take it with you–on a boat, camping trip, or in a small apartment.


When we do get rain in California again, I’m planning on catching it in a rain barrel. This one from Good Ideas ($139.99) is made of BPA-free, 100% recycled (and recyclable) resin and has a 40 gallon capacity. According to the EPA, if we all used rain barrels we could use 15% less water. Sign me up!

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  • Sheldon Levinson

    Amazing Rain Saving Device ……No Tools needed to install and NO CUTTING into downspout…Especially for homeowners in HOA communities where cutting into downspout is prohibited……..Great for deep watering trees and landscaping .
    This “outside the box…inside the gutter thinking ” was Invented by a Senior citizen from San Diego ..Sheldon Levinson …. His wife wanted rainwater for her plants and putting buckets out just did not work very well.
    Device just started selling on Amazon.
    Simple and inexpensive….can save over 200 gallons an hour.
    Just insert device into standard residential gutter before the rain starts……attach garden hose….Collect rainwater in any size container..
    I hope you share the vision…
    Also now selling at San Carlos Hardware in San Diego.

    New Concept Rain Saving Device
    My name is Sheldon Levinson….
    I live at 8392 Morning Mist Ct. And I have invented What I believe is a game changing Rain Saving Device I would like to share with my city and the rest of the drought ridden states.
    I am writing to you to let you know that I have just started to get the word out about this product and it is now selling on Amazon and San Carlos Hardware…in San Diego….the hardware store was kind enough to give it a test…….
    I would love to tell you the story of how this all started with my wife of 42 years…..yes I a a retired senior…….when she asked me to save rainwater outside with a mere bucket…I did not do A very good job , and felt there was a better way to do it……
    I did not want to cut into my downspout since I live in an HOA where it is prohibited and so I came up with a device that is simple ….inexpensive ( Hardware store is selling it at $12.98 and required NO tools..
    If you would like to contact me …my cell number is 619-504-4388
    Or e-mail me at

      • Sheldon

        Thank you….
        My wife has me collect the rain water in the 5 gallon kitty litter containers with lids… I just stack them up for her…
        She also showed me that it was a great way to water the potted plants under the eaves…

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