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4 Ingredient DIY Organic Face Mask Recipe

eco health organic oatmeal face mask mommy greenest photoI love scrubs but don’t like that most of them contain oil. So I created this natural beauty organic face mask recipe that doubles as a scrub. You can even use it every day—okay I’m a little obsessive—and seriously your skin will never look better.

The secret ingredient to this face mask recipe is honey. Honey is a natural emollient, which means it helps the skin trap moisture. Sugar is a natural exfoliant, as is oatmeal, which also has colloidal—or soothing—properties. And egg whites also increase the production of collagen. Bonus!

All I know is when I use this face mask recipe regularly my blackheads disappear, my giant pores are smaller and my skin feels super soft and clean. 

If your skin is sensitive, please be gentle. I have alligator skin. I like to put some muscle into it. The great thing about making this mask yourself is you know exactly what’s in it–and there are no crappy chemical in the mix. And although it’s not quite as quick as my one-minute DIY perfume recipe, it’s still a time-saver!

You’ll need:

Six tablespoons raw organic sugar

One free range organic egg white

One tablespoon organic honey

One packet plain instant organic oatmeal (uncooked)


Strain the egg white into a bowl

Froth it with a fork

Add sugar and blend

Add honey and blend

Add oatmeal and blend

Now rub the mask into your skin in small circles. Some people think that sugar can be too harsh for the face, so if your skin is sensitive, please be gentle. I, on the other hand, have alligator skin. I like to put some muscle into it.

Once you’ve thoroughly exfoliated your face, just clump some more of the scrub onto it and let it dry for 10 to 20 minutes. (Make sure you’re wearing not-so-nice clothes, as it sometimes does fall off a bit.)

Wash off, and presto, glow-o!

You can also use the scrub in the bath or shower—because it lacks oil, you don’t have to worry about slippage. Make sure your pipes can handle the small amount of oatmeal involved.

Save any excess in the fridge—it’ll keep for a few days, but after that, toss it. (If you use it straight outta the fridge you might need to dilute with a little water for better spreadability, just fyi.)

I’m not a beauty scientists so I can’t tell you exactly why this mask works as well as it does. But for those of you who are trying this right now, tell me how you look in 20 minutes. It works, right?

This photo is from eHow, which has a similar recipe, although they cook the oatmeal which I think is weird.


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