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3 Things to NEVER Buy at a Thrift Store

woman wearing black pants, gray patterned shirt and black cardigan against wood backgroundYes, the 2014 Shop Drop Challenge is all about creating a community of women who have pledged to buy no new clothes or accessories for the 30 days of January and are inspired to thrift and swap their style this month.  (Plus, many of us are going to an exclusive party in Los Angeles later this month. Sign up and join us!)

But there are just a few things you absolutely cannot, should not, may not thrift. The first two are obvious: Swimwear, bras and underwear. That’s just taking it a step too far. And I also draw the line at workout wear, as I am loath to put on anything that retains any vestiges of someone else’s sweat. But as for the last unthriftable item, well I guess that call should really be left to you.

Yes, the Shop Drop Challenge is all about thrifting and swapping your style. But there are a few things you should NEVER buy at a thrift store!

When I was setting up the Shop Drop Challenge, a Facebook friend shared that she couldn’t possibly join because she was maid of honor in a wedding and had yet to buy the dress. I would consider that a pass, and I told her so. Buy the gown the bride wants you to wear, then thrift and swap for the rest of the month! Preserving a friendship is far more important than one little dress.

Another friend bravely took the Challenge after confessing she’d already bought three pairs of jeans this month. As with everything Mommy Greenest, it’s not about judgment—it’s about awareness. If you’ve never set foot in a vintage store before and you end up thrifting for even just one week I consider that a success. Maybe next year, you’ll do two!

Why the Shop Drop Challenge? The average American woman spends $60 per month on clothes and dumps six pounds of textile waste into the trash. If we all got together for a shopping pause, we could save nearly $10 billion and one billion pounds of landfill waste. Yes, that’s billion with a b.

Right now, there are nearly 450 of us committed to a shopping pause this month, representing a savings of $27,000 and 2,700 pounds of textile waste diverted from the landfill. Amazing! Will you please share this post with your friends, so we can double those numbers? Thank you!

Throughout the month, I’ll be posting pictures of my recycled fashion finds here and on our Facebook page, and I’d LOVE to see what you’re wearing, too!

Today I’m wearing a W118 by Walter Baker shirt ($22, thrift), H&M black denim jeans ($18, thrift), Brandy Melville sweater ($0, swap) and Missoni for Target shoes ($0, swap). So…what are YOU wearing today?

Add your photos and descriptions there, Insta them or tweet them to me @RachelLSarnoff and I’ll post ‘em for you. You can also email me at info(at) Remember to hash tag #ShopDropChallenge!


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