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150,000 Call for 99 Cent Dollar Store Detox

The pressure is on for dollar stores to commit to a detox. Earlier this year, a campaign fronted by actress Jennifer Beals called on four major dollar store chains to phase out toxic chemicals like PVC from their products.  After a report showed that 81% of dollar store products contained toxic chemicals linked to cancer, learning disabilities and other serious illnesses, consumers took action.

More than 150,000 people signed a petition targeting 99 Cents Only, one of the largest dollar store chains, to phase out toxic chemicals like lead, phthalates (which Lowe’s and Home Depot are phasing out of flooring), PVC and more, which have been linked to asthma, cancer, learning disabilities and other health problems.

And last week, they delivered the petition to 99 Cents Only’s headquarters in Commerce, CA. The company, which operates more than 350 stores in California, Texas, Arizona and Nevada, responded only with a statement, “99 Cents Only Stores is committed to providing safe, quality products to its customers, including national brands, that meet or exceed applicable federal and state requirements.”


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