4 Rules of Thrift Shopping

brunette in black pants and shirt with red necklace on city sidewalkIf you’ve been following Mommy Greenest this month, you know we are in the thick of the 2014 Shop Drop Challenge, in which we’re creating a community of women who have pledged to buy no new clothes or accessories for the 30 days of January and are inspired to thrift and swap their style this month. This group is on the list for an exclusive party in Los Angeles later this month. Want to join us? Sign up!

I’ve been buying second-hand clothes pretty much exclusively for a few years now, and yes there are environmental benefits, but my reasons are mostly selfish: I’ve been able to upgrade my closet for a fraction of what I would pay in a store.

But for those of you who aren’t used to thrift store shopping, here are a few rules to remember. [Read more…]

Ecouterre Signs Up 2 Drop Shop

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