EPA To Restrict Toxic Pesticide Chlorpyrifos

Finally. It only took nine years of sitting on a lawsuit before the Environmental Protection agency decided to ban toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos on the day of the court-ordered deadline, according to Beyond Pesticides. [Read more…]

What (the %&*^) is Eco Friendly Fashion?

vegan stiletto shoe with pink strapA better title might be: What (the %&*^) is eco friendly fashion and why should you care?

Because when it comes to something as important as your family, it’s easy to find motivation to investigate healthier options. But when it comes to your closet, it’s sometimes tempting to just shut the door.

But what you put into your wardrobe can affect all of us. A great example is cotton. Six of the seven insecticides used in cotton production are classified as hazardous by the World Health Organization. [Read more…]