How To Make A Holiday Organic Cocktail

blackberry organic cocktailWondering what to sip this season? Take a minute to mix up this delicious blood orange organic cocktail, courtesy of pro mixologist and author Jordan Catapano, the force behind This Girl Walks Into A Bar and the brand-new Cocktails for Cougars and Cowgirls: Simple and Delicious Recipes for Every Woman book. I visited Jordan in her Los Angeles bar/studio to mix a few organic cocktails–here’s the video (and recipe) to prove it! [Read more…]

Cocktail Recipe Confession

hot toddy in glass with lemon slice and clovesI’m not a real blogger. I don’t share very much about my kids—my two teenagers would kill me if I posted a photo. Yes, I write a lot about the things I’m doing to keep my family healthy, but you don’t really see a lot of said family, do you? I don’t share many recipes (in all honesty, I’m not a very good cook). And I might use the opportunity of a pinkwashing post to share that my mother-in-law and aunt have both battled breast cancer, but I just can’t give a step-by-step account.

Perhaps it’s because I’m too old for social media. Maybe it’s because I was trained as a journalist to stay out of the first-person at all costs. Who knows? (And who cares?) But I’m sharing a little window into my personal world with this post.

You see, I have an alter ego. No, I’m not changing into a blonde wig any time soon, and nobody’s lining up for my autograph. But here’s my bloggy confession: Sometimes, on occasion, I sing. With real live musicians. In a band. And next to loving my family and typing on a keyboard, it is my absolute favorite thing in the world. Want to listen? [Read more…]