P&G Forced to Disclose Tampon Ingredients

It only took two years–and a rally last week outside P&G’s annual shareholder meeting in Cincinnati–but Women’s Voices for the Earth finally forced the company to better disclose sanitary pad and tampon ingredients information for Tampax and Always. It was one small step for the organization’s “Detox the Box” campaign, and one giant leap for womankind. But there’s more that you can do at home! [Read more…]

Model Sues @Kotex After Toxic Shock Syndrome Claims Leg

Toxic shock syndrome didn’t go away when they started putting warning labels on tampon boxes. That’s the point that model Lauren Wasser is trying to make with a lawsuit against Kotex and a probable Capitol Hill speaking engagement this fall, as Congress considers the Robin Danielson Act, which would regulate toxic chemicals in feminine hygiene products. In 1998, Danielson lost her life to toxic shock syndrome. In 2012, Wasser lost her leg. [Read more…]

After Woman’s Death, Tampon Safety Bill Intro’d

Are tampons safe? That’s the question on the table as Representative Carolyn Maloney introduced a bill that would require the National Institutes of Health to study feminine hygiene products and verify manufacturers’ safety reports. [Read more…]

Free Softcup Sample

Softcup boxWhen I wrote about Softcup’s menstrual cup last year, I had NO idea the amazing response the post would get. More than 200 of you entered to win a year’s supply of reusable cups, and we had a full-on debate going on in the comments section. What’s the consensus? With 12-hour protection that’s totally undetectable, the Softcup menstrual cup is a win! So when the company asked if I’d like to give away some free disposable Softcup samples to my readers, I jumped at the chance. Now through May 21, 2014 Click here to get your free disposable Softcup sample. Supplies are limited: Get one today so you can try it the next time Aunt Flo comes knocking. It’s a game-changer! [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest Approved: Softcup

hand holding new pink rimmed reusable menstrual cupThis might be TMI. Male readers—do I have any?—may want to click away. But it’s not like it’s a secret: I’ve shared this information in the past, and this ancient YouTube video is still one of my most watched.

So here’s my confession: I love my reusable menstrual cup. Why? We can talk about the fact that it lessens my landfill load, and that using it negates any possibility of Toxic Shock Syndrome. But the biggest selling point for me is this: With a menstrual cup, I can forget about my period for up to 12 hours each day—for me, more than twice as long as a tampon. I empty it once in the morning and once before I go to bed at night. Yes, really.

But many of my friends and readers disagree. They’ve shared that they find menstrual cups uncomfortable and difficult to use. Ladies, I’ve found the solution! [Read more…]