Lice Treatment Called Carcinogenic by @WHO

Last week, the World Health Organization classified the insecticide lindane as carcinogenic to humans, linked to testicular and liver cancers, among others. According to studies, exposure to lindane can increase the risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma by 60%. Why is this important? Lindane is in something that if you’re a parent, you might just have in your cupboard.

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Head Lice Repelling Secrets, Revealed

health-parent-eco-organic-lice-haircut-mommy-greenest-photoIf you have a child in school, chances are she will get head lice at some point or another. You can be the most vigilant hair-washer on the planet, your kid’s head could practically sparkle, but one day you’ll look over and she’ll be scratchy-scratching at her scalp.

My daughter had it first. Now, this is not entirely surprising. Despite the tightness of my braiding, the firmness of my pony tailing and the sternness with which I lectured that she’d get lice if she didn’t keep her hair back, she always came home from school with it loose. [Read more…]