CDC Reports #eCigarette Use Tops 2 Million Teens

Electronic cigarette manufacturers have long promoted the idea that ecigarettes can help smokers quit. But new evidence proves that theory doesn’t hold true with teens. A new report from the CDC and the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products showed that ecigarette use tripled among middle and high school students between 2013 and 2014, now reaching more than 13% of the teen population–more than two million kids. [Read more…]

Is Vaping E-Cigarettes Dangerous?

teen girl gaping e-cigaretteA friend of mine confided that her teenaged son had been caught vaping e-cigarettes. He shrugged it off as “no big deal” because he wasn’t smoking cigarettes—or pot. But my friend was worried. Were e-cigarettes addictive? And what exactly is in that vapor, anyway? I set out to find out. And what I learned scared the hell out of me.  [Read more…]