Why California Drought Matters to Everyone, Especially #Fracking

“I don’t even live in California. Why should I worry about the drought?” Here’s one reason why we should all be worried about California drought: Farmers in the state grow most of the food that Americans eat, such as 90% of the grapes, and 95% of the broccoli. And that’s just the biggest crops. Here’s another: The problem isn’t just limited to California drought, it’s also affecting the states of Oregon and Washington–Portland and Seattle both announced drought status in July. And finally–not to freak you out or anything–according to EcoWatch, the California drought has lead to an increase in mosquito borne illnesses like West Nile Virus, and a decrease in populations of river fish like salmon. Scared? Me, too. But along with new gadgets and gizmos designed to save water, there is some good news on the horizon. [Read more…]

4 Water Saving Gadgets

water saving showerhead against white backgroundCalifornia is in a serious drought right now, which some are saying could be the worst in history. We can debate the role of climate change until we’re blue in the face–many states just keep getting drier. And while we can’t solve this problem overnight, we can easily take control of our household water usage–saving money wherever you live. These four water saving gadgets can help you conserve where you didn’t even know you were wasting! [Read more…]

Activists Target @Nestle 4 #Drought Bottling

Plastic water bottles are so 2005. But in California, the environmental impact is exacerbated by the drought. Despite serious drought conditions, Nestle continues to bottle water in California–as much as 700 million gallons per year–and they don’t intend to stop. In the wake of Starbucks’ production halt on their Ethos brand, Nestle CEO Tim Brown went on record to say, “If I could increase [bottling], I would.” [Read more…]

Shower Together: Top Water Saving Tips

water saving shower with a friendIf you live somewhere else than Southern California, this might come off as a little bit bratty. But if I wake up to another perfect blue skied, 70-degree day tomorrow, I just might lose my mind. We’re deep into fall and it still feels like summer. My swapcycled boots sit on the shelf, forlorn. And California faces one of the most severe droughts in history. With everyone talking about home water saving tips, I decided to share a few of my favorites for where we waste the most: the bathroom.* [Read more…]