Congressional Game-Changer: Erin Schrode

mommy-greenest-erin-schrode-congress-main-photo-600Erin Schrode  is out to change the world. She’s had her eye on that prize since I met her a decade ago in Marin County, where she grew up. At 25, Erin is running for United States Congress in California’s District 2. If she wins, she’ll be the youngest woman in history and the first woman under 30 to ever be elected to Congress. Read more in this exclusive interview with Erin Schrode. [Read more…]

Stand Up to Climate Change Deniers

At least climate change is now part of the national conversation. President Obama announced the Clean Power Plan, and Hillary Clinton pushed for solar, while grassroots organizations–and me–began to explore soil regeneration programs as a way to limit greenhouse gases. But here’s what the GOP leaders have said about climate change: [Read more…]