Bottled Water? EPA Resuscitates the Water Fountain

Is it time to bring back the water fountain? Despite the cost and environmental impact of bottled water, plus health scares like the e.coli bottled water recall that happened earlier this year, Americans now drink 50 billion bottled waters each year, and eschew the tap–let alone the water fountain. This summer, the Environmental Protection Agency embarked on an ambitious campaign to invest in public water fountains and promote the benefits of drinking tap water. But can it work? [Read more…]

Why California Drought Matters to Everyone, Especially #Fracking

“I don’t even live in California. Why should I worry about the drought?” Here’s one reason why we should all be worried about California drought: Farmers in the state grow most of the food that Americans eat, such as 90% of the grapes, and 95% of the broccoli. And that’s just the biggest crops. Here’s another: The problem isn’t just limited to California drought, it’s also affecting the states of Oregon and Washington–Portland and Seattle both announced drought status in July. And finally–not to freak you out or anything–according to EcoWatch, the California drought has lead to an increase in mosquito borne illnesses like West Nile Virus, and a decrease in populations of river fish like salmon. Scared? Me, too. But along with new gadgets and gizmos designed to save water, there is some good news on the horizon. [Read more…]