Mommy Greenest Approved: TriCalm

tricalm gel on white backgroundAs I’ve shared previously, mosquitoes love me. Maybe it’s my blood type, or maybe it’s my love for sweet-smelling natural perfumes, but I am a biting bug magnet.

Which means I am entirely too familiar with itching—and the over-the-counter remedies used to fight it. I’ve got sprays and creams and gels galore, but nothing seems to dull that scratching urge for long—until now. [Read more…]

Bug Bites Season: Get the Deets on DEET

Citronella has become my summer night perfume. But to my surprise, the chemical repellent DEET may actually be the safest choice for me and my family.It’s bug bites season. And that means that I can sit at a table full of people and be the only one walking away with bug bites. According to the Smithsonian, it might have something to do with my blood type, which—for the record—is O.

Regardless, I’m not taking chances with bug bites this summer. Because of my work with the Environmental Working Group, I was lucky enough to read early versions of their brand new Bug Repellent Report, which represents 18 months of research. [Read more…]