Support Summer Book Reading with @BookMentors

My home is filled with books. We have two Little Lending Libraries in our neighborhood, and an active book trade between friends. When my kids need books for school, we click to download without hesitation. But what about the kids who don’t have access to books–or eReaders? Studies show that in some communities, there’s just one book per household. For these kids, summer can completely cut off access to literature. But one organization has found a solution. [Read more…]

Top 5 Essential Eco Books Online

stack of hardback books, top one openI am a total bookworm. There’s always a stack of books next to my bed, and usually one in my bag, too. I keep trying to love the Kindle, but there’s something about pages—and the awesome library up the street—that I prefer. With that in mind, here are five eco books online that I’ll keep on my shelf forever. [Read more…]