Senators To Investigate Artificial Turf

Abby Wambach called artificial turf a nightmare to play on. Schools have reported their artificial turf fields melting in the summer heat. And pet owners are worried about a study linking artificial turf to bladder cancer in dogs. But that’s nothing compared to the carcinogenic concerns about crumb rubber that lines artificial turf fields. Now two senators are on the case. [Read more…]

Synthetic Turf Melts at CA Schools

Five Los Angeles high schools are living Abby Wambach’s synthetic turf “nightmare” as the pellets underneath their synthetic turf fields have melted in the summer heat. What did LAUSD do in response? [Read more…]

130 Degree #WomensWorldCup Artificial Turf “Nightmare” Says @AbbyWambach

They won’t make men play on it. No major men’s soccer tournament has ever been played on artificial turf, where bloody burns and temperatures over 100 degrees regularly impact players’ health. But the 2015 Women’s World Cup will be played entirely on the stuff–and players like Abby Wambach are calling out gender bias. But is this a case of environmental injustice, as well? [Read more…]