Mommy Greenest Approved: Honeywell Air Purifier

honeywell air purifier against a white backgroundEver worry about allergens and VOCs—those undetectable chemical air pollutants that can be emitted by paints, carpets, furniture, fragrance and smoke, among other things—in terms of your family’s health? I do. And since my husband is highly reactive to pollen that can cause allergies and asthma, I was fascinated when I discovered the new Honeywell Bluetooth Smart True HEPA Air Purifier, which uses Bluetooth technology to track local pollen counts and can automatically adjust its cleaning levels—or let you manually adjust performance, even remotely through a phone app. But I’m also skeptical about products that claim to fix something I can’t see. So I put this air purifier to the test—literally. Take a look at the video of what I found and enter to win a free Honeywell Blue Tooth Smart True HEPA Air Purifier, worth $249!

Honeywell air purifier controls

I’m skeptical about products that claim to fix something I can’t see. So I put this air purifier to the test—literally. Win a Honeywell air purifier, worth $249!

At first, the thing that was most interesting to me about this new air purifier is the Bluetooth feature. I loved the idea of controlling the air purifier from my phone—amplifying the filtration in the hours before bedtime so the air in our room was free from the pollen that could cause my husband to lose a good night’s sleep.

We have a large bedroom, so the device’s capacity to cycle fresh air through more than 300 square feet of space was good news, too. I downloaded the app and found it really simple and easy to use—basically it turns the screen of your smartphone into a facsimile of the air purifier’s console, so you can push a “button” just like you would on the actual device. You can even dim the lights of the device from your phone!

I’ve used air purifiers before and one problem I found was that the filters were difficult to replace. I set up my Honeywell Blue Tooth Smart True HEPA Air Purifier in minutes, snapping in two sets of filters—one washable and one replaceable—that are just as easy to remove. According to the company, a fan pulls the air through the filters, capturing 99.7% of pollen, mold, pet dander, dust and the aforementioned VOCs. These microscopic airborne particles can be as small as .3 microns, which is 250 times smaller than the width of a human hair.

I also liked that I could set a custom schedule. On normal, low-pollen days, my Honeywell Blue Tooth Smart True HEPA Air Purifier now turns on at 8 p.m. and off at 12 a.m. That gives us enough time to filter the air before bedtime, and I like the additional low-level white noise that the air purifier provides as we’re going to sleep.

On the general setting, the white noise is quiet and consistent, while on the highest turbo setting it helps to block out other noises that can disrupt sleep. The Honeywell Blue Tooth Smart True HEPA Air Purifier would be a great air purifier for a newborn’s nursery, as I really believe white noise is the key to babies sleeping longer. When there was construction nearby, I kept the air filter on turbo all night long!

I knew that my husband hadn’t had any allergy attacks in the days since we started using the air purifier, but since pollen is impossible to see, I couldn’t really test for how well the air purifier was working to control it. However, since VOCs are found in incense smoke, I decided to test the function that way. Take a look and see how well it worked!


Amazing, right? I was really impressed. (Also, one clarification: The Honeywell Blue Tooth Smart True HEPA Air Purifier had already sensed the VOCs from the incense when I turned it on; no VOCs would have shown green on the sensor, but if you watch the video that light is already orange.) Even after I put out the incense, the air purifier worked double duty to filter out the VOCs. Only when it determined that the air was clean did it drop back down to normal functionality. Pretty cool. (And one more reminder to never burn incense inside!)

Want a Honeywell Blue Tooth Smart True HEPA Air Purifier so you can filter VOCs and allergens like a boss? You can buy one at Best Buy—where it snagged 4.5 out of five stars, natch—or enter here to win!

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  1. I’ve just been notified that I won this air purifier! I am very excited to give it a try since I have rather severe seasonal allergies. What a wonderful prize. Thank you!

  2. Brandon Sparks says:

    Right now I open a window but if I was to win this that would change.

  3. Rena Walter says:

    This air purifier would be my favorite way to keep the inside air cleaner!

  4. Lesley F says:

    I love having my widows open when it is warm!

  5. kate burton says:

    I open the windows when the weather agrees and avoid chemical air fresheners

  6. Air fresheners and vacuuming!

  7. Jean Hansen says:

    We love open windows year-round, but the wind off the Pacific brings dust, pollens and all manner of irritants. This looks like a great solution to spring allergies.

  8. I am allergic to pretty much everything and have mild asthma. Sounds like a great product!

  9. lori byrd says:

    I love open windows and lots of candles!

  10. I like to open windows to get the fresh air flowing.

  11. I love to open windows to get the fresh air flowing.

  12. I love having tons of house plants for both decor and to keep the air fresh.

  13. I’d love this!! My hubby has terrible allergies.

  14. I love opening windows, but everyone wakes up stuffy in the sinuses at my house, so a high quality air purifier may be just what we need!

  15. My favorite way to keep indoor air cleaner is to use only natural, non-toxic, and organic household cleaners and personal-care products. When my home is free of toxic chemicals and pollutants, I can breathe easy!

  16. Opening windows and plants!

  17. Connie Blasing says:

    As much as I’d like to open windows, due to my allergies I need to run my AC starting in April (in Minnesota!). I also run an air purifier at night–except my wore out and I need a new one.

  18. We open the windows as much as we can, but I would love to use a purifier as soon we will have the air conditioner on and off for the summer. Would be so wonderful to know our little one is breathing in clean air!

  19. My husband has allergies to pollen and dust mites and my son has asthma. I use all natural cleaning products and have Himalayan salt lamps. I’ve been meaning to buy more plants. I really need to get this air purifier!

  20. I love adding plants to help filter the air.

  21. Stefanie says:

    I love using fresh scents and opening the windows.

  22. I love opening the windows to get fresh air.

  23. My favorite thing us to open windows, especially in the spring or after a storm. Unfortunately my allergies are so bad it’s rare I can do this. I currently use two purifiers. I’m pleased with them both but not overly impressed. Neither is a Honeywell, I’m definitely going to look more into this unit!

  24. I love fresh air from the windows!

  25. With four furkids, I could definitely use some air cleaning and freshening!!

  26. Thanks for educating me on air filters! This could really help with my sinus headaches.

  27. Truthfully my absolute favorite way is to open all the windows, especially if it’s a cool, breezy day and just let the fresh air soak in! There’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh air and the slight breeze on your skin 🙂

    Thank you for this AWESOME giveaway!

  28. Wendy vor says:

    My favorite way by far to clean the air in my home, is definitely a mommy greenest solution. I buy low maintenance air plants such as aloe Vera, cacti and succulents are quite in right now. Now electricity required! Mommy approved and green to the home

  29. We use organic cleaning products and I love when spring arrives and we can open the windows to let fresh air filter through as well. I’ve always wanted to try an air purifier and have heard and read great things!!

  30. An air purifier is a great way to keep the surrounding air clean and safe and better for you to breathe!!

  31. Ellen DeFrancesco says:

    House plants and when I can I open windows but being in Long Island, NY it’s either too cold or too hot to keep the windows open. I do what I can. This would be great – I hope I win!!!

  32. We open windows and use hepa filter in our air conditioner and furance

  33. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Thank you so much for your review! My son has allergies to our pets, household dust, mold, and other environmental allergens.
    This review helped me with my decision to purchase a new air filter for our home!

  34. Susan Kibrick says:

    My favorite way to keep our indoor air cleaner, like so many others, is definitely opening the windows. However, I also vacuum with a HEPA filter vacuum and clean with all-natural products, often simply vinegar and water.

  35. Melissa S says:

    We put the best exhaust fan we could afford in our kitchen to help with air quality and kitchen odors.

  36. Diane Kroese says:

    open the windows, but this air purifier would be a great help!

  37. Kimberly Cage says:

    Have always had houseplants that help with the air, but in the spring, nothing can beat opening the windows and letting in some fresh air!

  38. Deborah Zarett says:

    I have a regular electrostatic air filter which doesn’t quite do the job. Too much pollen, heat, & humidity here to leave windows open between March & November.

  39. Ashlyn Bishop says:

    I have always wanted one of these! I always open my windows and screen doors, and I only use cleaning products that are chemical free!

  40. Laura Royal says:

    I love opening windows and do it every chance I get.

  41. Cheryl Ball says:

    We moved into a condo recently that has laminate flooring-and I am concerned with the air quality in our house because of it

  42. Beth Cotler says:

    This could be a blessing for us! Thank you.

  43. Marlene V. (Enelram) says:

    I love having the windows open to bring in some fresh air

  44. Samantha Dahlby says:

    My husband also needs this very badly! And I need it so that his tossing, turning, and sniffling doesn’t wake me ;).

  45. My favorite ways are definitely opening the window and having my lucky bamboo plant (helps that I think lucky bamboo are super cute) 🙂

  46. I use houseplants to help clean the air in my home. But I have room for only a few plants. This air filter is a great idea! I would love to win it! Thank you.

  47. Necessary to have one of these

  48. We always have windows and doors open, but we live in LA, and I can’t say that brings in “fresh” air! We have lots of indoor and outdoor plants and use all natural products for cleaning, paint etc.

  49. I open our windows to let fresh air in.

  50. Sheena Theriault says:

    I have house plants and use an air purifier. It would be great to try this one out!

  51. I love anything that keeps indoor air clean, but my fave has to be eliminating chemicals in the house, from cleaners and hair spray and perfume to pesticides and linens!

  52. sheryl s says:

    Would love to open the windows in the springtime but my grandson is so very allergic to pollen.

  53. when the weather’s right, opening windows and screened doors

  54. Koren Chan says:

    Keeping the windows open!

  55. I reduce VOC’s by not using AC in the summer. Just open the windows and turn the fans on! Sweating is good for the body and soul.

  56. Elaine R says:

    I have lots of houseplants throughout my home to help clean the air.

  57. I am really sensitive to artificial and chemical smells, so I only use all natural everything in my house (cleaning products, personal care products, etc). I’m also fortunate to live in a fairly warm climate, so I open my windows for fresh air all spring and fall during the day, and then in the summer when it’s too warm during the day I open them at night for a breeze while I sleep.

  58. I open windows because we don’t have an air conditioner! But I also make sure not to bring in the chemicals in the first place. This includes our furniture and even when we painted.

  59. I like to use natural essential oils to scent different rooms!

  60. Elsy Shallman says:

    I would love to win this! I suffer from terrible allergies year round as well as dry eye syndrome.

  61. Samantha says:

    My son needs this! He is highly allergic to pollen and his allergies seem to get worse every year!

  62. Sandra Watts says:

    When Spring hits and the warm weather is here the windows are open a lot. I am working on using healthier more eco friendly cleaners too.

  63. I live in So Cal – it’s perpetual summer over here. For the last 3 years my kids and I have had serious allergies. Went to the allergist to be tested but we are not allergic to any of the usual stuff. Diagnosis was non-allergic rhinitis. I guess we are allergic to pollution and chemicals and such. No medicine for that. Would love one of these – perhaps living in a clean air space would help us feel better?

  64. Love open windows. I always feel so badly for my poor nephew during allergy seasons. He visibly suffers – eyes, nose, energy level etc.

  65. This is a really helpful review. I’ve been looking for reviews of air purifiers now that it’s allergy season and I suffer from terrible allergies…opening windows is not an option when you’re allergic to pollen!

  66. I definitely let the fresh air into the house.

  67. My fav way to keep the air clean right now is by opening the windows, but with allergy season this Honeywell would be a better idea!

  68. Susan Highland says:

    I have such bad allergies, I even take allergy shots! Our living area is so big that one air filter doesn’t work, so I need about ten of them. My favorite way is to eliminate carpet and keep the bedding clean at all times to prevent dust mites.

  69. I love having the windows open,

  70. I have been really into gardening and bringing in succulents into my home. I am also a stickler for taking off shoes when entering the home and wiping my 4 legged child down after being outside. I also always have the doors open in the summer to get a breeze going and to get fresh air.

  71. Lara Baumann says:

    Definitely opening windows but also using my Himalayan salt lamp

  72. I love having the windows open. Nothing like fresh air.

  73. homebiotic- product that promotes desirable bacteria in the house

  74. I definitely prefer to open windows.

  75. I like to open the windows especially on days with a breeze.

  76. I like opening windows to get fresh air – especially now that it’s Springtime!

  77. I usually just open windows and put a fan in their direction.


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