#ShopDrop2016 Wrap Up + Gift Bag Giveaway!

Wow. Just…wow. I can’t believe we’re at the end of #ShopDrop2016. What an amazing month! How many people participated? How many fast fashion fixes did we inspire? How many pounds of landfill waste did we save? How much social media dust did we kick up? And most importantly, how can you score a kick-ass gift bag from our celebratory event? Drum roll, please…

This community is up for anything, and never ceases to amaze me. You are incredible!

Nearly 800 people signed up to take #ShopDrop2016, committing to not buy any new fashion for 30 days beginning in January, instead choosing to swap, thrift or consign their style for a fast fashion fix–and representing a savings of 4,800 pounds of landfill waste. This is especially amazing because we doubled our participation from previous years! And we saw more than three million Twitter timeline deliveries and reached almost 600,000 people through social media. Woot!

We had more than 7,000 entries to the $250 #preloved shopping spree giveaway from thredUP, the program’s presenting sponsor, and the winner was reader Caroline Smart. The whole point of the program was to raise awareness about preloved fashion, available at amazing brick-and-mortar stores like The Closet Trading Company in Santa Monica, where actress Sarah Jane Morris of “The Night Shift” hosted the #ShopDrop2016 party, which celebrated our commitment to fix fast fashion with a 30-day shop-and-drop pause.

VIP guests included Adina Porter (“True Blood”), Amy Paffrath (host of “Dating Naked”), Ashley Scot (Lifetime’s “Unreal”), model Lizzie Miller, Pleasant Wayne (“Entourage”), Rachelle Carson Begley (“Living with Ed”) and Sara Lindsey (“Concussion”), among others.

Jane St. Vodka Soda provided delicious cocktails and Broadway Baker some seriously sinful desserts. Lyft sponsored the event, which makes sense considering their strong support of workplace equality for women: When you’re choosing a ride, remember that nearly 50% of Lyft’s executive team and 30% of its drivers are women. Lyft even created a special promotion for us: Now through 2.29.16, if you’re a new user, download the app and use “SHOPDROP16” as the promo code and you’ll get your first five Lyft rides (up to $10) free!

Lyft promo

Gift bags were filled with sustainable goodies from 100% Pure, Acure Organics, BioRepublic, Earth Friendly Products, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Goddess Garden Organics, Rustic Maka and VIVAIODAYS—each bag was worth a more than $120! (To learn exactly what’s inside, click here.) Want to win a gift bag? Enter here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
A HUGE shout out to presenting sponsor thredUP, which made the whole #ShopDrop2016 fast fashion fix program possible. An amazing resource for women’s and kids high-quality secondhand fashion, thredUP is like a well-curated consignment store—but completely online. I’ve been using thredUP for nearly two years now and found it’s the perfect inspiration to clean out my closet, get cash for my unused clothes, and score great deals—as much as 90% off—on beautiful preloved fashion.


Let me know if you plan to keep #ShopDrop2016 going by choosing #preloved fashion. I’m committed for the year!

Remember, when you choose preloved at places like The Closet and thredUP you’re diverting the estimated six pounds of landfill waste that the average American throws away each month—not to mention the $60 that we spend each month on clothes (most often for fast fashion).

Those were the statistics that inspired me to start the Shop Drop Challenge three years ago, when I realized that if every one of the 160 million women in America took a simple 30-day shop-and-drop pause, we could save nearly $10 billion and one billion pounds of landfill waste. Yes that’s billion with a b.

Please leave a comment and let me know if you plan to keep #ShopDrop2016 going by choosing #preloved fashion. I’m committed for the year! And/or share on Twitter and Instagram: Take a pic of your favorite #preloved outfit and/or you wearing it, tag #shopdrop2016 and include @RachelLSarnoff so I get a quick head’s up. Together, we can spread the word about just how fashionable thrift, swap and consignment style can be!

Need some inspiration? Copy and paste these 140 characters:

Spend 2 much $$ on style? Join @rachellsarnoff & me 2 keep #shopdrop2016 going 4 a #fastfashionfix! Sign up at www.mommygreenest.com

THANK YOU! This community is up for anything, and never ceases to amaze me. You are incredible!

Photography by the truly fabulous Drea Castro.



  1. Thank you for the great giveaway! I am loving all these wonderful products!

  2. Stephanie Torres says:

    My daughter gave me some bamboo hair brushes, my hair loves it.

  3. Best eco gift: a $50 gift card for a local thrift store! Yippee!

  4. Wool dryer balls. Love them!

  5. michelle geil says:

    Best eco gift – a necklace my bff made at summer camp, decades ago – she knows I like jewelry, and we have the same initials!

  6. Hmm, hard to pick the best! Most of my family enjoys shopping for eco-friendly and fair trade type goodies for gift giving occasions. I recently got a cute earwarmer/headband upcycled from an old sweater!

  7. super sturdy reusable grocery bags

  8. I received eco friendly baby products during my baby shower! Soo awesome

  9. I have a lovely pair of organic cotton and bamboo pajamas that were gifted to me for a hospital stay. I was so touched!

  10. Not much of my family are into eco-friendly materials or products so I buy myself presents. 🙂 I love 100% Pure products and my new favorite mascara and powder are made my Hourglass.

  11. Katrina B. says:

    One of my not-for-profit clients gave me soy candles one year. Love!

  12. Angela collado says:

    The best Eco gift I ever received was EarthMama and Angel Baby lotion.

  13. Melissa Losch says:

    The best eco gift I ever got was a set of homemade shampoo/conditioner, dry shampoo and cleansing cream. It was so thoughtful and a good start for eco friendly beauty for me.

  14. I have so many awesome Eco everything in my home. My fav is fair trade Chocolate, because I am the biggest chocolate lover ever. But I also loooove my RMS make-up

  15. Leslie Paskus says:

    I received several products from 100% Pure which I love.

    • Rachel Sarnoff says:

      I have tried a few and really love the brand, they have a store in LA which I haven’t visited yet but can’t wait to!

  16. Emmily Phan says:

    The best eco gift I received was a tube of lipstick from the brand Cargo which was produced out of biodegradable materials and had plant seeds embedded in the box that could be moistened and replanted! 😀

  17. I am always on the hunt for eco friendly things, both for myself and to give away to friends.

  18. Love all the brands that contributed to this tote!!! Fair trade chocolate makes a great gift!

  19. The best “eco gifts” I’ve received have been seeds, seed-starting kits, and plants for our garden. The best one I ever gave was when I gave my husband a composter for Valentines Day. LOL

  20. I received an Honest giftpack from a friend

  21. kanoelehua says:

    Cloth diapers!!! So useful!!!

  22. Carrie Smith says:

    A 3-month subscription to GoodBeing, it’s great finding new brands and trying new products!

  23. it was a recycled fashionista event years ago and the swag was all recycled wood made into pencils, stuff like that…really cool…the pencils were sourced from recycled jeans.

  24. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    A purse that was made from a tire – love it xoxo

  25. Natural soaps- now this is all I will use!

  26. Kimberlee says:

    With my first pregnancy my Bradley educator gave me her cloth diapers. I remember how selfless it was because she was pregnant with her second at the time.

  27. I got a great organic baby wrap when my daughter was born.

  28. The best eco-gifts I’ve received are gently used baby gear for my twins. The kids have loved almost everything we’ve been given and we’ve saved a ton of money.

  29. Jennifer P says:

    Wow that is a hard question to answer, because I love any and all gifts that are eco. I guess the best one I can think of off of the top of my head would be the charm bracelet my sons made me out of recycled old and broken jewelry and bits and pieces of stones and such.. It was amazing!

  30. I got a pretty card which was handmade with seeds you can plant! The card itself grows to become flowers. How wonderful is that? 🙂

  31. A brand new BPA free water bottle!

  32. Laura Royal says:

    My sister-in-law gave me a cloth diaper gift package for my first little one and I loved it!

  33. Amanda Heck says:

    I must say diapers – that was the absolute best!

  34. Kim Henrichs says:

    I would say a subscription to an eco-themed beauty box that opened my eyes to a ton of new products!

  35. Too many eco gifts to mention! I love handmade jewelry and candles, as well as organic and natural goodies!

  36. Awesome 🙂

  37. Marlene V. (Enelram) says:

    Preloved clothes for my family!

  38. Jennifer S. says:

    I can’t think of anything I’ve received as a gift that qualifies….I have to do my own finding! I also really tend to buy classic clothes that I can wear for years — I literally have items from a decade or more ago that are still in good condition and that I wear. But anything I outgrow or get tired of goes to Goodwill so that I can help others reduce their purchasing of new items.

  39. Preloved clothes for my little princess due this month.

  40. Reusable lunch containers and glass water bottles!

  41. Also, a friend introducing me to Norwex products, which are eco-friendly products for our home and family!

  42. Gina Stevens says:

    A great shopping bag. It was very nice with images of dragonflies.

  43. Best Eco gift I ever received was a soy candle. I now use nothing but soy! Burn longer w/o any harsh chemicals in the air.

  44. The best eco-gifts have been hand-me-down baby “stuff” (bassinet, 2exersaucers and a car seat). I then loaned out the bassinet twice!
    I also like reused art, so have a couple dragonfly ornaments.

  45. a handmade hemp purse

  46. a eco friendly gift basket of housecleaning products!!

  47. A beautiful organic cotton dress.

  48. Hand me downs for my little girl! Saved so much!

  49. A blanket made from old shirts! Super soft.

  50. My favorite eco gift was a candle from Whiskey Bottom Candle Company. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  51. When I was expecting my son, a friend passed along her bassinet, crib, & glider – practically my whole nursery was #preloved.

  52. The best eco gift I received as a mom was Honest Diapers, They are simply the most stylish for babies as well as soft and of course ecofriendly. Mother approved!

  53. Caity Hoyle says:

    The best eco gift I ever got was moisturizer from Juice Beauty. I have no switched to all natural make up and I absolutely love and highly recommend them!

  54. Does it count if it’s an eco gift from me to me? Unfortunately, I don’t have friends who value such things as I do. I think I need to expand my circle a bit. 🙂

  55. CHARITY JAMES says:

    The best eco gift I have ever received was a Maggie Bag!

  56. Dicque Walz says:


  57. Natalie S. says:

    Unfortunately, not a lot of my friends are as conscious of products as I am & I receive a lot of things that I don’t particularly like in terms of ingredients. :/ I don’t typically receive anything Eco unless they’ve asked me haha. But hopefully in the future, I am seeking some natural perfumes & makeup!

  58. Jennifer George says:

    A reusable cooler bag

  59. Carol Burgess says:

    Clothes for me and my girls. The best

  60. #ShopDrop2016 continues for @GracefulFarmer! I have been on eBay for a decade selling #preloved items, but my newest place to look is the @Yerdle app. Check it out!

  61. I received a hydro flask that keeps beverages cold or hot for a long time and some eco lunchboxes for work

  62. Best Eco gift was a tote bag made out of juice pouch wrappers. Very cool and durable!

  63. Kimberly Cage says:

    I get hand me downs from my sister-in-law who has great taste and style! she also finds a lot of great
    clothing at their local Goodwill!

  64. CFL light bulbs! I told everyone that’s all I wanted for my birthday 2 years ago and I ended up with almost enough to convert the whole house.

  65. My friend gave me some homemade body scrub. It was wonderful!!!

  66. For gifts, it was a Swell bottle from a friend after I had her kid for a sleepover when she went away for the night (of course I have since lost it and need to buy another). But most of all, my Beautycounter business! A “gift” from my best friend from 7th Grade, that has taught me so much about being more eco and safe, and allowed me to share that with many others.

    • Rachel Sarnoff says:

      Beautycounter is changing the paradigm for SO many people!! (Also I love those Swell bottles 😉 Thanks for sharing, Deirdre!

  67. My amazingly fashionable best friend gives me her hand-me-downs , and they are some of my favorite clothes.

  68. Sarah Oswald says:

    One of the best eco gifts I’ve received has been the gifts my kids made for me when they were little from stuff they found outside in the yard.

  69. Cassandra Eastman says:

    Zoe Organics Everything Balm. I use it daily! Mainly for chapstick, but also on my kids faces if they are dry from the winter weather.

  70. Denise Lytle says:

    My best Eco-friendly gifts are: a necklace made w/ beads made from wallpaper, reusable bags that were decorated for me, & a coin purse made from recycled food packaging!

    • Rachel Sarnoff says:

      Beads made from wallpaper? That is fascinating! I will look that up. All of these are so great, I love all the upcycled stuff!

  71. Stefanie Schmidt says:

    An ecofriendly reusable bag with a fun print to use at the grocery store!

  72. Sharyonda says:

    My eco friendly is reusable bags and reusable cooler bags for day-to-day shopping.

  73. Kelly Ross says:

    I love the cork wallet from Natalie Therese found in my June Kloverbox!

  74. Neha Kaul says:

    My sister recently got me this lovely Batik bag from her travels to the Far East.

  75. Judy Vester says:

    Reusable bags!

  76. I want to keep going! The biggest problem I have is my need for new bras and sleepwear, which just feels less like something I want to buy used (also, underwear?!). I know there are things on ThredUp that are new with tags, so I will do some searching there, but if anyone else has reco’s, I’d love to hear them!

  77. I don’t think I have ever received anything except reusable bags. Oh I did get a bamboo toothbrush. That is pretty awesome.

  78. Dana Rodriguez says:

    One of my favorite eco gifts I received is a clutch made out recycled wrappers.

  79. I have to say that the best eco gifts I have ever received were things my hubby made me from nature. He made me a very cool walking stick from a cedar branch. I use it all the time for nature walks. He also gave me a heart chiseled from a hunk of limestone for Valentine’s day one year. He also carved me a fish shaped pin out of a piece of drift wood, made me a shadow box out of a stationary box with pieces of sea glass we had found and other seashells too. And just recently, he gathered grape vines from our yard and made me an awesome wreath for the door. I have to tell you that these are beyond priceless to me!! They are treasures profound to my heart!! Love them!!

    • Rachel Sarnoff says:

      Oh what AMAZING gifts. It reminds me of the first gift my husband (at that time, to be) ever gave me. On my doorstep, he left a box of sand, some treasures we had found on a rock, covered with branches and leaves. My father (with whom I was living at the time) thought it was crazy. But I got it: He’d given me the world in a box. Of course I married him 🙂 Thanks for sharing, RC!


  81. maybe my set of glass straws, we use them all the time especially for smoothies

  82. Hand made blankets! Would SO love to win this!

  83. Elisabeth says:

    One of the best eco gifts I’ve received has been honey from my husband’s uncle’s bee farm!

  84. Best eco gift I received is the wool sweater that is a reknit from a couple of other wool sweaters.

  85. I’m not sure if this is open to Canadians, but for christmas I got a salt lamp! I also plan to buy eco-friendly, green and/or local gifts from now on. Also more mindful about clothing options.

  86. Recently received a solar powered cell phone charger and hoping to snag a BioLite stove in the near future!!

  87. My boyfriend made candles with beeswax from a neighbor, it was a wonderful eco gift that also supports local!

  88. seeds for my garden!

  89. Christina A. says:

    My best friend sent me an eco-friendly essential oils and all natural perfumes set for Christmas that she knew I really wanted!

    • Rachel Sarnoff says:

      That is a good friend! What brand was it? I always am on the hunt for good essential oils and natural perfumes 🙂


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