Mommy Greenest Approved: Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner

mommy-greenest-hardwood-floors-cleaner-600Worried about allergies? I do. My husband is especially allergic, so I’ve learned how to take the triggers out of our home. We have lots of houseplants, air purifiers, no synthetically perfumed products, and hardwood floors in much of the house. For those, I use Bona® which makes non-toxic cleaners that really work! Want to try? Enter to win a $50 package: Bona® Hardwood Floor Mop and Free & Simple Hardwood Floor Cleaner, which was recently certified as asthma & allergy friendly™ by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America. With May being Asthma & Allergy Month, this is just in time! [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest Approved: Honeywell Air Purifier

honeywell air purifier against a white backgroundEver worry about allergens and VOCs—those undetectable chemical air pollutants that can be emitted by paints, carpets, furniture, fragrance and smoke, among other things—in terms of your family’s health? I do. And since my husband is highly reactive to pollen that can cause allergies and asthma, I was fascinated when I discovered the new Honeywell Bluetooth Smart True HEPA Air Purifier, which uses Bluetooth technology to track local pollen counts and can automatically adjust its cleaning levels—or let you manually adjust performance, even remotely through a phone app. But I’m also skeptical about products that claim to fix something I can’t see. So I put this air purifier to the test—literally. Take a look at the video of what I found and enter to win a free Honeywell Blue Tooth Smart True HEPA Air Purifier, worth $249! [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest Approved: Blue Sky Family Farms Pasture Raised & Free Range Eggs

free range eggs in a crate held by a woman on a farmWhat’s the difference between caged and cage-free hens? Not much. The animals still spend their entire lives packed into a barn with hundreds of other hens, living their lives in just one square foot of space, on average. But because the public believes that cage-free is better, companies like McDonalds, Starbucks and Costco have embraced plans to phase out caged and heavily market cage-free eggs. As the egg-heavy Easter and Passover season is just around the corner, it’s important to know what you’re buying into when it comes to your eggs–and why pasture raised and free range eggs are better. [Read more…]

#ShopDrop2016 Gift Bag Preview

gift bags against white backgroundOn the fence about taking the Shop Drop Challenge? Perhaps the gift bag may convince you. What’s inside? Take a look! [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest Approved: The Eczema Company

asian baby held by dad wearing eczema healing hat and glovesNow affecting as many as 18% of all infants and children, eczema is a challenge for many families. Although my kids aren’t directly affected, family members and friends have shared how difficult it is to manage this chronic itchy skin condition. So when I discovered the amazing resource provided by The Eczema Company, which gathers natural eczema-fighting products all in one place, I had to share. On their site, I discovered how using wet wraps and healing hats (like the one pictured above) can help heal, and why switching to more natural laundry products may prevent. Plus, they set up a giveaway for two $50 shopping sprees to spend on a wide range of products that not only fight eczema, they work for cradle cap, dandruff, psoriasis and more! [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest Approved: RareEarth Natural Perfume + Video

natural perfumeIf you’ve been following Mommy Greenest for a while, you know that I like to make my own natural perfume. I made my first natural perfume video back in 2013, and when some readers commented that they were worried the natural vanilla extract base would stain their skin or clothes—never a problem for me, btw—I made another natural perfume recipe video, using rose water.

But my natural perfume formulas are typically two or three “notes,” meaning scents that I layer together. (I’m getting all perfumer-y on you know, I know.) So when natural perfume manufacturer rareEARTH challenged me to recreate one of their essential-oil based rareESSENCE perfumes—I went for it. Check out my DIY video and then enter to be one of 10 Mommy Greenest readers to win rareESSENCE‘s bestselling Beleza! [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest Approved: Goodbeing Subscription Box

A subscription box against a white background showing contentsThe subscription box is a big trend these days: I’ve shared a sneak peek at snacks from Vegan Cuts, eco beauty from Spa Heroesvegan style focused LOVE GOODLY, and the fair trade subscription Artisan Box from GlobeIn. I value all of these subscription box services for their ability to help consumers save money and make healthier choices through their “try before you buy” programs. But when my beloved Goodebox subscription box service announced a rebrand to become Goodbeing, I had to investigate—and scored a whopping THREE-MONTH subscription for THREE lucky Mommy Greenest readers! [Read more…]

Safe Ducky Protects Kids From Toxic Products

father looking for non toxic products in baby storeEvery so often an idea comes around that’s a game-changer. I feel that way about Safe Ducky. Founded by Josh Kasteler and based in Los Angeles, the company is identifying toxic products to create a safer world for parents—one store and family at a time. [Read more…]