Mommy Greenest Approved: Vital Proteins Anti-Aging Marine Collagen

anti-aging marine collagen powderI never thought I would be the kind of woman who fought aging. I envisioned myself as aging gracefully, following in the footsteps of women like my aunt, who still practices daily yoga at 70. But then one day I looked in the mirror and the person staring back at me was…different. Her eyes had changed shape; her mouth tilted down. Even her ears had shifted, somehow. She looked like me, but…deflated. I know now that many of these changes happened because of collagen. As we age, the collagen levels in our skin drop, leaving it thinner and less elastic–what I’ve been experiencing, as I get older. But I discovered a way to boost those levels for anti-aging. It’s natural, non-invasive and pescatarian. Want to try? I’ve got some to give away, of course! [Read more…]

How to Thrift Shop

thrift shop tag discounted 50%We’ve talked about the environmental impact of fast fashion. Plus, how to sell your used clothes—and make money. But what will you do with that cash in hand? Please don’t turn around and drop it at the mall, where it’s difficult to find brands that don’t wreak environmental havoc. Save your closet—and the planet—and buy preloved! I’ve been buying used clothes since high school and at this point 95% of my closet is from a thrift shop, consignment store or swap party. But for a lot of people, just the idea of shopping preloved gives them the heebie jeebies. Fear not, friends! You can save yourself a ton of money and time if you learn how to thrift shop properly. Here’s how. [Read more…]

How To Sell Used Clothes

mommy-greenest-how-to-sell-your-clothes-photo-600We all know to avoid the fast fashion habitrail of buying a five-dollar t-shirt because it was on sale, only to have it sit at the back of your closet for decades. And now that so many people are jumping on the Konmari bandwagon—finding joy, everyone?—there’s a lot of closet clean out going on. But what do you do with those clothes you’ve rejected? People, listen up: Here’s how to sell used clothes. [Read more…]

Magnifeco Eco Book Giveaway

eco bookKate Black’s Magnifeco is one of the most well-thumbed in my eco book library. Covering style from every angle—from green beauty to eco-friendly fashion—it’s a head-to-toe guide for making better decisions about everything you put on your body. Given that the Shop Drop Challenge is still front and center in my mind, I especially like Kate’s “shop with V.A.L.U.E.” philosopy: “Do I need to buy it and does it need to be new? Could I rent, borrow or buy it second-hand? (Vintage). Could my purchase help an artisan community in a developing country (Artisan), or could it help a designer or maker in my own community (Local). Is the item saving something from landfill? (Upcycled) And, lastly, does this purchase match my values? Does it support animal rights (vegan), human rights (fair trade) or environmental rights (eco-friendly)? (Ethical). Want to read all about it? I’ve got two copies to give away! [Read more…]

Outsider Eco Fashion Giveaway

Model wears black eco fashion dress for giveawayEco fashion is on my mind. Since we wrapped up our 30-day shopping pause, I’m starting to think outside the box of #preloved (although I am continuing my commitment to #ShopDrop2016). With eco fashion in mind, I wanted to share my newest discovery: U.K. based Outsider. These are wearable classics with a twist—a button-front dress with an obi belt, a pleated black skirt with perfectly placed pockets. And in addition to making their own designs from sustainable fabrics like hemp silk and organic cotton, Outsider also supplies fabrics to other eco designers. Did I mention the free shipping on international orders of a certain amount? And oh yes, Outsider supplied this gorgeous ethically made merino wool wrap dress to give to one lucky Mommy Greenest reader!  [Read more…]

#ShopDrop2016 Wrap Up + Gift Bag Giveaway!

Wow. Just…wow. I can’t believe we’re at the end of #ShopDrop2016. What an amazing month! How many people participated? How many fast fashion fixes did we inspire? How many pounds of landfill waste did we save? How much social media dust did we kick up? And most importantly, how can you score a kick-ass gift bag from our celebratory event? Drum roll, please… [Read more…]

Sarah Jane Morris: Why I #ShopDrop2016

sarah jane morris headshotI first met Sarah Jane Morris when she rolled up to an EcoStiletto party in her biodiesel Mercedes—and confessed that she’d spent the morning dumpster diving for biofuel with her rock-star husband. I thought she was the coolest girl on the planet. Eight years and two kids later, the former star of “Brothers and Sisters,” soon to be seen on NBC’s “The Night Shift,” is even cooler. Especially now that she’s taking the Shop Drop Challenge with us! Sarah shared her philosophy on shopping, swapping and her favorite place to score preloved fashion in this Mommy Greenest exclusive. [Read more…]

Rachelle Carson-Begley: Why I #ShopDrop2016

rachelle carson-begleyYou know her as the skeptical wife of uber-environmentalist Ed Begley Jr. on Discovery’s “Living with Ed” and the Bite Size TV web series “Our Green House.” But did you know that Rachelle Carson-Begley is an ecoista in her own right? The actress and television personality opens up about her motivation for taking the Shop Drop Challenge in this exclusive Mommy Greenest interview. [Read more…]