Magnifeco Taps #ShopDrop2016 4 Fashion Resolution

“This is the year that your closet is going to start to reflect your values; the purchases you make will be thoughtfully considered and you’ll only buy pieces you really love. If that’s your resolution, but you’re having a hard time starting, we have some tips for you. Do a fashion ‘fast”… the #SHOPDROP2016 Challenge.” Read the rest on Magnifeco!

#ShopDrop2016 on Between the Racks!

“The point of the challenge is to show how much waste is produced from buying new clothes every month, so while you are pledging not to go to the mall, that doesn’t mean you can’t shop. Buying secondhand is completely OK! With that said, I’m making my pledge to start today!” Read the rest of the post on Between the Racks. Thanks for the shout out, Morgan!

#ShopDrop2016 on Priscilla Woolworth’s LOLA!

“An avid consignment shopper, Sarnoff saw the solution as encouraging women to embrace so-called ‘preloved fashion,’ through swap parties or at thrift stores, in order to break the ‘fast fashion’ cycle of consumption and waste.” Read the rest of the story on Priscilla Woolworth’s

#ShopDrop2016 on Eco-Chick

“As powerful as it is for conscious consumers to vote with their wallets, we often forget that sometimes the best solution is to refrain from, well, consuming in the first place. While the notion that paying for the right car, the right foods, the right t-shirt can rescue our ailing planet and global community is incredibly attractive, the truth is that you can’t buy your way out of a bad situation…Thankfully, you can take steps to help change that. The Shop Drop Challenge presented by the lovely folks at MommyGreenest is an easy way to help take a break from rampant consumerism and raise awareness about the fashion industry’s environmental problems.” Read the full article on

#ShopDrop2016 on thredUP

“Blogger-we-love Mommy Greenest (a.ka. Rachel Sarnoff) is kicking off her annual Shop Drop Challenge. What’s that, you ask? It’s a month-long commitment to avoid buying new clothes (like-new, consignment, and vintage are OK)…Here at thredUP HQ, a lot of us are joining the challenge, too.” Read the full story on the thredUP blog!

#ShopDrop2016 Inspires Dish Detox

“Fashion is environmentally toxic: the textile industry is the world’s second largest water polluter, after agriculture. Is that insane?! Meanwhile, 95% of the clothes we throw into the landfill are recyclable. Do you want to do something about this? Then take the 2016 Shop Drop Challenge, started by Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff, the founder of and the most fashionable eco-friendly mom I know…Working as a correspondent for Access Hollywood for eight years, I was so incredibly blessed to have a wardrobe department and three amazing ladies who helped me get dressed for red carpet events and award shows.  Now that I work freelance, as a TV host, it’s up to me to dress myself and recently I found a whole new way to wardrobe – consignment stores.” Read the full story on Laura Saltman’s blog, Dish Detox.

#ShopDrop2016 Featured on MamaGlow!

“It’s the new year and with the rapid season change in the fashion world we see racks of clothing on sale in department stores. Have you ever thought about how much clothing we consume as a nation, and where it all goes? Founder of and eco-lifestyle maven Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff thought about that question and came up with her own solution.” Honored to be featured on Latham Thomas’ Thanks so much for sharing the Shop Drop Challenge!

MG Natural Hair Color on Green Divas Radio!

“Why use toxic chemicals when you can have natural hair color with henna?” Get the answer in my recent GDGD Radio Network segment, which you can listen to here:

What do you think of my natural hair color solution? Please click here to leave a comment on my post over at Green Divas Radio. Thanks!