If you found me by choice, thanks! And if you accidentally stumbled here and are about to click away because you think I’m going to wax philosophical about the joys of dressing your kids in hemp, stick around.

I’m not here to preach.

I might use biodegradable bathroom cleaner, but I’m not about to deny my kids the occasional hamburger—though I can’t help reminding them what factory farming is doing to the planet. I live by example, but I’m not a sustainabully. (Yes, I made that word up.)

Since I began publishing EcoStiletto in 2007 and blogging as Mommy Greenest in 2008 (the two merged under the MG umbrella in 2013), I’ve written about feeding my kids organic food, battling a lice infestation without chemicals (they won), trying out veganism (less for the planet than for the purely selfish goal of losing five pounds), DIYing natural perfume and disposing of off-gassing toys (“Doll? What doll?”).

When it comes to my three children, I follow the Precautionary Principle as established by the United Nations in 1982. It states that, “When an activity raises threats of harm to human health or the environment, precautionary measures should be taken even if some cause and effect relationships are not fully established scientifically.”

I try to raise my family with this knowledge in mind, but—like all of us—sometimes I fail. So maybe I’m not the greenest mommy on the block. Who cares? The point is, I try to make daily choices that can help us create a healthier lifestyle—without judgement. And on this blog, I share information about those choices with you.

In 2016, I joined The 5 Gyres Institute to focus on solving the health crisis of plastic pollution. You can learn more about how these two worlds came together by watching my TEDx talk.

Oh-So-Official Disclosure Policy

Mommy Greenest is a personal blog written and edited by Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff. For questions about this blog, please contact info(at)mommygreenest.com. This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. As owner of this blog, Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff may be compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics; content that is associated with compensation is always clearly identified as such and Rachel always reports her honest opinions, findings, beliefs or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely Rachel’s own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question. This blog does contain content which might present a conflict of interest, but this content will always be identified as such. This blog is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide any professional advice, opinions or services of any kind. Readers should always seek professional help with medical, safety, financial and other questions that arise. Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff is not responsible for the republishing of Mommy Greenest content on other website without my permission.

Privacy Policy

I value everyone in my community and your privacy is super important to me. Mommy Greenest does not share or sell personal information about visitors with third-parties. However, because web browsing typically involves cookies, data may be collected on visitors’ activity.

Editorial Standards

If a brand is featured as part of a Mommy Greenest Approved sponsored or an affiliate program, it will be clearly identified as such. The product has to fit my standards of sustainability—and awesomeness.

How do I determine those standards? In general, I depend on trusted resources like the Environmental Working Group’s Consumer Guides to help guide my decision-making process. When it comes to personal care and cleaning products, I confirm that manufacturers don’t formulate with chemicals on the ever-updating International Chemical Secretariat SIN (Substitute It Now) List or TEDX (The Endocrine Disruption Exchange List of Potential Endocrine Distruptors). Fashion brands show they’re committed to the cause by manufacturing sustainably. I also reserve the right to reject or endorse brands based on gut instinct—it’s usually right.

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Why do I include sponsorship, affiliates and advertising? I spent six years publishing EcoStiletto and never made a dime—actually, I paid to do it. During that time, sites like mine helped a lot of amazing brands get off the ground and I’m super proud of that. But I’d like Mommy Greenest to be around for a long, long time. So I’m spending less time writing about products, and more time writing about important things that parents can do to make their lives a little bit healthier. And when I find products that fit into that construct, I’m offering their manufacturers some very affordable sponsorship and advertising options—with full disclosure to readers, of course.

So, What’s With the Nest?

Rates of children’s illnesses—including cancer, asthma and autism—are escalating at a pace so rapid that many are considered epidemic. Scientists believe that many of these illnesses are caused by chemicals in our environment, which children absorb at a rate much higher than adults. Yet many of these chemicals are so easy to avoid!

The analogy that these scientists have made is to the old “canary in a coal mine” adage, in which the coal mine is the world and our children are the canaries, whose spiking rates of illnesses should be telling us that something is very, very wrong. In creating Mommy Greenest, I kept coming back to the idea of those birds—as well as our children—and the safe environment that is the birthright for both of them.

Please take a minute to click through my slideshow. A picture tells a thousand words about why this information is so important.

I truly believe that by taking small steps to keep toxic chemicals out of our lives, we act collectively to protect our nest for all the world’s children. And if you’d like to know more, please email me at info(at)mommygreenest.com. I’d love to connect!


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  1. Shirley Smith says:

    I’am enjoying your blog. I just signed up and looking forward to receiving your emails.

  2. Julia Sarnoff says:

    Hey mom whats up I just went through your whole website anyways bye!!!!!

  3. Michelle Castagne says:

    I submitted the link on the Weleda giveaway before I scrolled down to send my comment only to find no comment section. I scrolled to the bottom and all that was there was Copyright © 2015 · Mommy Greenest.
    My comment is “All the questions in the survey were easy.”
    I hope I’m not disqualified for not having the comment in the comment section.

    Michelle Castagne

    • Rachel Sarnoff says:

      You are not disqualified, although I doubt you will see this comment. The reason that you don’t see the comments is because the text is mysteriously set to white and we can’t figure out how to fix it. Ghosts in the machine! Thanks for writing!

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