Eco Fashion Solution: Shop Drop Challenge 2016

Two women laughing about eco fashion shoppingCan you give up clothes shopping for 30 days? I did. What if I told you that taking a month-long shopping pause could help save $10 billion and a billion pounds of textile waste? That’s why! We’re gearing up for the annual Shop Drop Challenge, which takes place each January to raise awareness about the fashion’s environmental problems and an easy eco fashion solution. Sign up for this year’s Shop Drop Challenge, and you could win a $250 shopping spree from! [Read more…]

Safe Ducky Protects Kids From Toxic Products

father looking for non toxic products in baby storeEvery so often an idea comes around that’s a game-changer. I feel that way about Safe Ducky. Founded by Josh Kasteler and based in Los Angeles, the company is identifying toxic products to create a safer world for parents—one store and family at a time.

The gist is this: Many kid’s products are produced and/or tainted with toxic chemicals like lead and cadmium, which can compromise children’s health. A former chemical engineer who realized first-hand how easy it is for products—especially those made overseas—to be polluted, Josh started Safe Ducky by investing in high-tech screening technology that can detect toxic chemicals that exceed the safety standards established by the federal government.

He and his team now use that technology to screen products at stores, helping owners remove potentially toxic products from shelves and shift to safer offerings. Once that process is complete, stores become a Safe Ducky Member Store.

Parents can also work with Safe Ducky to screen for toxic products in their homes. The day before I met with Josh, he’d done a home visit where he found a child’s jacket with buttons that contained 50 times the legal limit for lead. Shocking!

I went behind the scenes with Josh at Caro Bambino in Santa Monica, where Safe Ducky screened and certified the store.

Want to get involved? Safe Ducky is helping to build a community—both online and off—that’s committed to safer, truly non-toxic children’s products.

This post was sponsored by Safe Ducky and meets the standards I’ve established to endorse a brand as “Mommy Greenest Approved.” Click here for more about Editorial Standards.

EPA To Restrict Toxic Pesticide Chlorpyrifos

Finally. It only took nine years of sitting on a lawsuit before the Environmental Protection agency decided to ban toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos on the day of the court-ordered deadline, according to Beyond Pesticides. [Read more…]

Senators To Investigate Artificial Turf

Abby Wambach called artificial turf a nightmare to play on. Schools have reported their artificial turf fields melting in the summer heat. And pet owners are worried about a study linking artificial turf to bladder cancer in dogs. But that’s nothing compared to the carcinogenic concerns about crumb rubber that lines artificial turf fields. Now two senators are on the case. [Read more…]

10 Days of Less Sugar Improves Kids’ Health

Just 10 days of replacing sugar-packed foods with those of equal caloric value led to dramatic changes in children’s health, a new study found. Pediatric endocrinologist Robert Lustig and a team at the University of California at San Francisco discovered that simple shifts make a difference, as Healthy Child Healthy World reported. [Read more…]

Stink! Doc Tackles Toxic Chemicals

stink toxic chemicals documentaryIt’s hard to fully explain how I feel about the impact of toxic chemicals on our lives. Sometimes it seems like I start talking and all people hear is that “wa-wa” sound from the “Peanuts” cartoons, when nothing adults said actually mattered to the story. But this information matters. With one in three women and one in two men now statistically at risk for cancer, it matters. With cancer now the leading cause of children’s death by disease, it matters a lot. And when you find a story that helps people really listen to how we connect the dots between toxic chemicals and illness–that could matter most of all. This fall, the Stink! documentary gives us that story. [Read more…]

150,000 Call for 99 Cent Dollar Store Detox

The pressure is on for dollar stores to commit to a detox. Earlier this year, a campaign fronted by actress Jennifer Beals called on four major dollar store chains to phase out toxic chemicals like PVC from their products.  After a report showed that 81% of dollar store products contained toxic chemicals linked to cancer, learning disabilities and other serious illnesses, consumers took action. [Read more…]

How To Plan An Eco Friendly Thanksgiving

vegan tofurkey that looks like thanksgiving turkey with stuffing on a platePlanning an eco friendly Thanksgiving is not as hard as you might think—it just means asking a few questions that might slightly shift your traditions. Do you typically buy a cut flower arrangement for the table? Look for organic flowers or a beautiful living succulent arrangement. Is turkey your main course? Find a free range, organic, heritage bird—and add vegetarian and vegan side dishes that can combine to become a main course for those who avoid poultry. You can even shop your local farmer’s market for healthy vegetables and fruits for your feast, and find recycled elements for your holiday decor. Follow my countdown for tips on menu planning, decorating, shopping and cleaning—I’ve got your eco friendly Thanksgiving covered! [Read more…]

How to Give A Holiday Gift That Gives Back

holiday gift braceletOne year, when my kids were small enough to boss around, I strategized our holiday gift giving around an arts-and-crafts activity that I knew they’d love to create—and our family would love to receive. We made organic playdough* and used assorted animal cookie cutters to make cows and chickens, which we then painted and decorated with upcycled feathers, sequins, ribbons and cloth. Then we made a donation to Heifer International—creating a holiday gift that gives back.  [Read more…]