Tesla’s New Electric Car is Made for Road Tripping

My family is a little bit obsessed with our 2003 Eurovan. After pining for a few years, my husband finally bit the bullet and gave up his lease in order to bring the pop top home. And although we’ve only camped as a family once since then–disgraceful, I know–the idea of freedom parked in our driveway continues to captivate us. The van drives like a dream and is pretty sweet to wake up to, but there’s just one catch: gas. But Tesla just announced plans to introduce a new hybrid electric car that just might put our baby to shame. Camping in a Tesla? It could happen. [Read more…]

Costa Rica Bans Pleasure Hunting After #CecilTheLion

Yet one more reason to love Costa Rica. As awareness was raised by the killing of beloved African icon Cecil the Lion at the hand of an American pleasure hunter, Costa Rica voted to ban pleasure hunting altogether. This makes Costa Rica the first country in Latin America to ban pleasure hunting. Coincidence? I don’t think so. [Read more…]

Inside LOVE GOODLY Conscious Subscription Box

love goodly subscription boxDo you love the idea of a subscription box but aren’t interested in compromising your ideals? Look no further than LOVE GOODLY, a brand new subscription box service beta launching soon that curates conscious fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands and partners with non-profit causes. LOVE GOODLY subscription boxes launch this summer, but click here to get on the list now because the first limited-edition subscription box is sure to sell out. I sat down with founders and fellow moms Justine Lassoff and Katie Bogue Miller recently to talk about their vision and advice for other mompreneurs…oh, and how you can win a Stella McCartney bag! [Read more…]

Should NPR Radio Be Frack Free?

I keep hearing pro-fracking ads on my local NPR radio station. And although I’m all in favor of freedom of the press, the whole slimy business just makes my skin crawl. On my station, it was some sweet-voiced farmer soft-selling fracking as an answer to the recession. So when I learned that there’s a new petition taking off through Environmental Action that demands NPR radio affiliates be frack free, I signed up. Want to join me? [Read more…]

3 Steps to Avoid Dryer Sheet Air Pollution

wool dryer ballsThere’s nothing quite like the warm smell of fresh laundry. I grew up with that scent, and was taught early on that when doing a load you put the soap in the washer and the dryer sheet in the dryer—I simply couldn’t think about doing one without the other. But because of allergies and asthma in my household, I stopped using dryer sheets about a decade ago. And you know what? My clothes are just as soft. Now new research shows my laundry is safer, too, because of dryer sheet air pollution. [Read more…]

Easy Water Saving Tips to Save You Money

Think you know everything about water saving tips? I just learned some startling facts. Like, the average American requires about 2,000 gallons of water every day. Our consumption of fresh water has doubled in the last 70 years and is projected to increase 25% by 2030. Water saving tips like turning off the tap while you’re brushing your teeth can save more than 200 gallons per person per month. And there’s ONE simple act responsible for 30% of water usage in the house. Want to know what it is? Take a look!

[Read more…]

Vegan Ice Cream Detox? Sign Me Up! Thanks, @ChalkboardMag!

File this one under only in California. I just discovered a new recipe for ice cream so jam packed with superfoods it’s considered a detox. Seriously.  [Read more…]

Top 5 Yoga Gear Essentials

man practicing bakasana yoga post in yoga gear essential white pants against white backgroundWhether you’re new to yoga or enhancing your practice, eco-focused yoga gear is great to know about. In my 20s, yoga changed my life–helping me to understand that strong was more important than skinny. A few years ago, I became a certified yoga teacher, with a specialty in prenatal, which I taught for a while. Today, if I do a few yoga classes a week, my back doesn’t hurt and stress kind of rolls over me, rather than rocking my entire world. And I still get excited about the cool stuff involved—especially when it’s sustainably made, like these yoga gear essentials.  [Read more…]