Mommy Greenest Pregnancy Book Giveaway

Eight years ago, I sat down with my infant daughter* in one hand and a pen in the other, and wrote a note designed to be read by my three children when they were old enough to become parents. That barely-decipherable scribble became a book full of notes about pregnancy and parenting. Eventually, those notes became a manuscript. And now, that manuscript has become a pregnancy book: The Mommy Greenest Guide to Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond. You can click here to read it for free or order a hard copy, or win a copy by entering below! [Read more…]

Help @MomsRising & Me Petition @Islands for #Healthy Children’s Menu!

Are you fed up with your kids being force fed french fries every time you go out to eat? Are you tired of the arguments at the table after you wave away the server’s pitcher of high fructose corn syrup for refills? Do you wish you could go to your favorite family restaurant and feel confident that there’s a healthy children’s menu available? Me, too! That’s why I was so excited to discover MomsRising’s new initiative empowering parents to ask local restaurants to shift to healthier options on children’s menus. Through MomsRising, I created a petition for a healthier children’s menu at the Islands chain of restaurants. What restaurant chain would you target, if you could? Oh, wait: Now you can!  [Read more…]

Lice Treatment Called Carcinogenic by @WHO

Last week, the World Health Organization classified the insecticide lindane as carcinogenic to humans, linked to testicular and liver cancers, among others. According to studies, exposure to lindane can increase the risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma by 60%. Why is this important? Lindane is in something that if you’re a parent, you might just have in your cupboard.

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Tell @SherwinWilliams @Glidden_Paint @DutchBoyPaints @PPGIndustries to Stop Making Lead Paint!

Lead paint has been banned for household use in the U.S. since 1978 because the additive is a debilitating neurotoxin. But American companies Sherwin-Williams (Dutch Boy) and PPG (Glidden) still manufacture lead paint for export to more than 50 countries where there are no lead paint regulations. Yes, really.

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Take a Survey, Enter to Win Weleda

Weleda products for Mommy Greenest survey giveawayYou know about my friendsmy dirty carmy favorite brand of natural hair color and the night cream that rescued me from old-lady skin, but I know virtually nothing about you! And in an effort to serve up content that suits you better, there are some burning questions that I just have to ask. Will you please take my super-quick survey? Can I entice you with the chance of winning one of FOUR $67 antioxidant-rich Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Care gift sets I have to give away? [Read more…]

#TPP Fast Tracked by Senate

Last week, the Senate approved the Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority, prohibiting trade deals from addressing climate change and accelerating the still-under-wraps Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade pact that jeopardizes state’s rights to label GMOs and ban fracking. [Read more…]

#TSCA Chemical Reform Passes the House

Bittersweet victory: Last week, the House broke a four-decade legacy of inaction by voting to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act through H.R. 2576 the “TSCA Modernization Act.” The chemical reform bill was sponsored by Representatives Shimkus, Upton, Pallone and Tonko. Chemical reform means the EPA will be able to better regulate the 85,000 chemicals used in commerce–of which only five have been restricted up until this point. So that’s the good news.

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e. Coli Bottled Water Recall

If the environmental impact of plastic water bottles, economic cost of buying bottled water, and health concerns about potentially toxic endocrine disruptors leaching into bottled water doesn’t get you to choose filtered tap water, maybe this will: Last week, 14 brands were recalled because of e.Coli contamination. [Read more…]

Easy Organic Vegan Chia Pudding Recipe Hack

organic vegan chia pudding recipeHow did I live this long without ever tasting vegan chia pudding? Seriously, this stuff is amazing! It’s got the mouth-boggling texture of tapioca, but all the ingredients are good for you. You can eat it for breakfast, dessert or a snack, and it’s so delicious, even kids will never guess it’s nutritious. I first tasted a vegan chia pudding made by Mommy & Bean, which delivers pre- and post-natal healthy food to moms at home or in the hospital in Southern California. (If you’re expecting, definitely connect with Mommy & Bean here–this is an amazing mom-powered company!) Then I tracked down the perfect recipe at Whole Foods, which I’m sharing here with you. It’s raw and vegan, dairy- and gluten-free, and high fiber. Best of all? You don’t have to cook it. Want to try? [Read more…]