30-Day High Fructose Corn Syrup Detox

dried corn scattered on lab table; beaker containing yellow syrup and dried cornWe’re starting to wake up to the impact of high fructose corn syrup on our nation’s health: Studies have shown that consumption of high fructose corn syrup leads to obesity, a condition that now affects more than 30% of American adults and is associated with heart disease, diabetes, strokes and other serious health problems. A recent UC Davis study featured on “60 Minutes” showed that just two weeks of eating high fructose corn syrup increased the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The problem is, most people don’t stop at two weeks. In fact, research shoes that sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup and sugar are addicting: Just like cocaine, they release endorphins, dopamine and seratonin as they hit your system, triggering the pleasure center of your brain. And just like illicit drugs, you need more and more of the stuff to feel good. People, it’s time for a detox! [Read more...]


PANDAS Stole My Child

girl jumpingI guess it was inevitable. Steep yourself in information about rates of childhood illnesses spiking to epidemic proportions, and you’re bound to become a maternal hypochondriac. But when my then four-year-old daughter first displayed symptoms of serious illness, I panicked. And as it turns out, my panic was justified.  [Read more...]


Is There Triclosan in Your Toothpaste?

green toothpaste from white tube squeezed onto white toothbrush against white backgroundOh, triclosan. According to the FDA, it’s no more effective than soap and water at killing bacteria; studies have shown that it may compromise our immune systems, make us more susceptible to allergies, and affect our hormones. And research proves that antibacterials like triclosan breed antibiotic-resistant bacteria. But one personal care conglomerate is still putting this toxic stuff in your…toothpaste?  [Read more...]


Ugly Green Smoothie Recipe for Health

two women hold glasses of green smoothie juice
I had so much fun with Diane Mizota of Spiritual Playground making this amazing green smoothie recipe with some stealthy healthy ingredients. Unlike other juices and smoothies you might buy in a store, you know that everything in this glass is good for you. But will our kids drink it? Watch and see. [Read more...]


Mommy Greenest Approved: Lullaby Earth Crib Mattresses

boy playing with alphabet letters on white tableIn the past, I’ve shared information about flame retardants, the toxic chemicals which have doused our foam furniture, baby products and mattresses for the past 40 years and are linked to autism and lowered IQs in the kids who are exposed to them. But a recent UC Berkeley study again put toxic flame retardants front and center: Researchers found flame retardants in 100% of preschools tested. An organic, flame retardant free crib mattress is the best way to go for babies and toddlers, but if they’re priced out of your—or your preschool’s—budget, I discovered a lower-priced solution that’s still flame retardant free. And I’m giving three away! [Read more...]


MG on The Entrepreneur Experience

photo of blonde wearing blue print shirtI was so honored to be interviewed at The Entrepreneur Experience, where host Lane Kennedy is determined to prove that moms can and do change the world. Don’t you agree?


Nix Toxic Pink Soap in Schools

young girl in school bathroom holds up sudsy hands as boys wash hands behind herIn 2012, the CDC’s annual assessment of schools discussed green cleaning for the first time ever. “Children are more vulnerable than adults to hazardous environmental exposures because, compared to adults, they breathe more air, eat more food, and drink more water per pound of body weight,” the report states. “A school that…[is] free of hazardous chemicals, and clean is arguably best equipped to support student and teacher health, learning, and overall productivity.”

And while most of this is good news—more than 36% of districts now purchase low-VOC paints, cleaners and floor coverings, 55% require that schools test drinking water for lead, and more than 50% pursue an integrated pest management policy designed to reduce the use of pesticides—some is not. Especially the news about pink soap. [Read more...]


MG Nominated for Mommy Award!

Mommy Greenest nominated for Mommy AwardI was so honored to be nominated for a Mommy Award this year! If you haven’t checked them out yet, the Mommy Awards were created by three powerhouse moms—Cheryl Petran of The Pump Station, Lora Jakobsen of Mini CPH and Laura Gerson of MomAngeles—to honor moms just like you and me. The initiative started in Los Angeles last year, and rolls out nationally for 2014. If you know a mom who deserves recognition, nominate her for a Mommy Award!

I’m up for the—you guessed it!—Eco Mommy category, so if you’re a Mommy Greenest fan please take a minute to like The Mommy Awards on Facebook and Twitter so you can get the head’s up when voting begins at Mommy-Awards.com in September. Thank you!