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MG Natural Hair Color on Green Divas Radio!

“Why use toxic chemicals when you can have natural hair color with henna?” Get the answer in my recent GDGD Radio Network segment, which you can listen to here:

What do you think of my natural hair color solution? Please click here to leave a comment on my post over at Green Divas Radio. Thanks!

MG Guide to Green Beauty at Dermstore

“Perhaps you want to emulate the eco-lifestyle trend that’s already going around Hollywood. Or maybe you just want to start making healthier choices for your family and eating raw, organic and non-GMO food is just not cutting it anymore. Whatever your motivation, going the green beauty route is a noble—and often challenging—endeavor that demands a solid commitment. To help you make the switch, we sat down with Rachel Sarnoff, also known as Mommy Greenest and former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World. Here, she gives us the dirt on the natural and organic products she stocks in her pantry and her beauty cabinet, and how small, eco-sound swaps can go a long way in helping Mother Earth breathe easier.” Read more in An Eco-Lifestyle Expert’s Guide to Green Beauty. Thanks for including me, Dermstore!

P&G Forced to Disclose Tampon Ingredients

It only took two years–and a rally last week outside P&G’s annual shareholder meeting in Cincinnati–but Women’s Voices for the Earth finally forced the company to better disclose sanitary pad and tampon ingredients information for Tampax and Always. It was one small step for the organization’s “Detox the Box” campaign, and one giant leap for womankind. But there’s more that you can do at home! [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest Guide to Green Beauty

green beauty model close upGot a minute? Take a look at your bathroom shelves. If you’re like most women, you’re using about 12 different beauty products each day. Now flip to the ingredients panel of your favorite product—a lotion, perhaps, or sunscreen—and settle in for a good read. Do the ingredients number a dozen or more? Probably. Can you pronounce them? Probably not. Yet those 12 beauty products deliver an average 168 potentially toxic ingredients to your body each and every day. It’s time for a green beauty clean-out! [Read more…]

ACC Drops $51 m. to Block Toxic Chemical Regulation Reform

According to a new report from the Union of Concerned Scientists, from 2010 through 2014 the ACC spent more than $51 million lobbying Capitol Hill, contributed $1.46 to federal campaigns and spent $1.8 million on more than 6,000 political ads during the 2014 election cycle. This money dump has helped block action on reform of the Toxic Substances Control Act, as well as formaldehyde, flame retardants, BPA and other toxic chemical regulation. And it only gets worse. [Read more…]

New Toxic Nail Polish Chemicals Identified

The myth of polish is that your nails are barriers to the toxic chemicals they contain. But then there is the evidence. Like health problems salon workers endure because of toxic exposures. Or so-called “big three free” nail polish exposed to contain hidden toxic chemicals. Now add TPHP and DPHP to the mix. These toxic nail polish chemicals were recently discovered in a new toxic nail polish chemical biomonitoring study conducted by Duke University and the Environmental Working Group. The results aren’t pretty, but there’s something you can do about it. [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest Guide to Natural Parenting & Pregnancy

natural parent couple with small baby on beachOnce upon a time I was queried by an author who was looking for eco experts to comment on a book she was writing about natural parenting. She wanted to know how to plant a garden for a new eater so that the little veggies would come up at the same time as the child’s budding incisors. And here’s what I thought: What the f*ck?!? Has this woman even had a child? [Read more…]

H&M Closes the Loop On Recycled Fashion

H&M seems determined to do the right thing–it just might take a little longer than the company intended. Take their new recycled denim capsule collection, for example. The five recycled fashion styles for men and women are set to launch in February 2016–and represent a program four years in the making. [Read more…]