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Fighting Fast Fashion? Win $1 Million from @HM

The H&M Conscious Foundation recently announced a “Global Challenge Award” that would give a million bucks to five annual winners who fight fast fashion by closing the loop on textile recycling. But can the initiative make nagging questions about H&M and fast fashion go away? [Read more…]

Teflon Chemical #PFOA in 99% of Americans

Can doctors do for Teflon what they did for lead? In the 70s, industry tried to convince us that lead was still fine. It took a lot of hard work from Dr. Phil Landrigan and others to get laws passed that limited lead levels in paint and gas. Now, new studies have emerged that find PFOAs–the toxic Teflon chemical–are much more dangerous than originally thought. Will our government listen? [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest Guide to Going Green

woman wearing glasses, holding toy globe in her handsIt’s almost a cliché, this “going green” stuff. And all the hype can make you want to stick your head in the sand. But I believe that we need to approach the process with respect and without judgement. Everyone’s choices matter—and nobody can make them for you. If you choose to shift something in your life, that decision will stick longer than if someone else tells you what you have to do. So with that in mind, let’s talk about some ideas that could help get you started. [Read more…]

American Teen Solves Global Water Contamination Problem

Heavy metals are a serious problem, especially in China and India, where recycling factories spew heavy metals and chemicals into local water supplies during processing, creating a water contamination problem of global proportions. But one American teenager has a solution–and it costs just $20 to make. [Read more…]

#EPA Set 2 Limit Drugs in Drinking Water

It’s not inked yet, but a new proposal by the Environmental Protection Agency would limit pharmaceuticals in drinking water. Last year a study found 25 different drugs in drinking water. Could this fix the problem? [Read more…]

97% of Readers Trust Mommy Greenest!

Mommy Greenest survey logoSurvey says! This is the second time I’ve asked for your opinion when it comes to Mommy Greenest, and the response was overwhelming. First, more than 200 of you responded—amazing!—and 97% reported they “trust Mommy Greenest Approved product recommendations.” Yes! [insert fist pump here] You can’t imagine how happy this makes me. Thank you for putting your trust in me! Many of you said things like… [Read more…]

Synthetic Turf Melts at CA Schools

Five Los Angeles high schools are living Abby Wambach’s synthetic turf “nightmare” as the pellets underneath their synthetic turf fields have melted in the summer heat. What did LAUSD do in response? [Read more…]