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Sarah Silverman, Tig Notaro, Ray Romano & Martin Short Make Dirty Water Funny for Waterkeeper

waterkeeper alliance dirty for the drought pledge is supported by sarah silvermanWhat’s so funny about dirty water? Not a whole lot. When I was a kid, you could swim in the Santa Monica Bay without having to worry about contracting hepatitis; today, every surfer I know is vaccinated against it. My friends say similar things about lakes in the Midwest and rivers in the East: The waters are no longer safe to fish and swim in, not to mention drink.

The contamination comes from so many sources: fracking, big agriculture, industrial manufacturing, just to name a few. And it seems like the lack of government regulation has let pollution spiral out of control. So the idea of making a joke out of it? That didn’t make a lot of sense, to me. But that was before I learned about the Waterkeeper Alliance, which is supported by Sarah Silverman, Ray Romano, Martin Short and so many other incredible comics. If these people can’t make us laugh about dirty water, who can? [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest Pregnancy Book (Video)

Eight years ago, I sat down with my infant daughter* in one hand and a pen in the other, and wrote a note designed to be read by my three children when they were old enough to become parents. That barely-decipherable scribble became a book full of notes about pregnancy and parenting. Eventually, those notes became a manuscript. And now, that manuscript has become a pregnancy book: The Mommy Greenest Guide to Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond. You can click here to read it for free or order a hard copy! [Read more…]

How to Get Glyphosate Off Your Plate

Scientist in hazmat suit inspects glyphosate cornThe most widely used herbicide in the world made headlines recently when the World Health Organization deemed it a “probable carcinogen.” Manufactured by Monsanto and marketed as Round-Up, the use of glyphosate has increased in tandem with genetically modified crops such as soybeans and corn, which can tolerate heavy sprayings of the chemical. The classification came after a WHO meeting of 17 experts representing 11 countries, according to the Wall St. Journal, which also cited a Monsanto spokesperson who said that the chemical is safe. But is it? [Read more…]

China Trumps U.S. #Toxic #Beauty Regulations

Kudos to China for proposing stricter regulations on toxic chemicals in cosmetics, which will bring them more in line with the EU’s. A second draft of the country’s new Complete Technical Safety Standard for Cosmetics was proposed recently, which will ban 100 additional toxic beauty ingredients and classify oral care products like toothpaste as cosmetics, with similar restrictions. How does this stack up to the U.S.? [Read more…]

Kaua’i Win Vs. @DuPont_News #GMOs

How to win the fight against GMOs? Take a note from Kaua’i, “the global epicenter for GE seed testing,” where residents living near the testing zone are exposed to six times the number of pesticides used on the mainland, according to the Pesticide Action Network. But these activists are fighting back–and winning. [Read more…]

Henna How To: A Guide to Truly Natural Hair Color

mommy greenest gets natural hair color hennaIn the past, I experimented with less-toxic natural hair color for fun but now that I’m seeing more gray strands I wanted to find something that I could do on a regular basis without feeling like I was poisoning myself. In college, I used to use henna as natural hair color—we would buy it at the health food store and mix it up in the sink. Then, I was looking to go red. Now, I wanted to stay brunette—without gray. Could a truly natural hair color deliver? [Read more…]

Activists Target @Nestle 4 #Drought Bottling

Plastic water bottles are so 2005. But in California, the environmental impact is exacerbated by the drought. Despite serious drought conditions, Nestle continues to bottle water in California–as much as 700 million gallons per year–and they don’t intend to stop. In the wake of Starbucks’ production halt on their Ethos brand, Nestle CEO Tim Brown went on record to say, “If I could increase [bottling], I would.” [Read more…]

Could An African Diet Cure Colon Cancer?

Food swaps are definitely making headlines. First, a team of Swedish researchers found that swapping organic for conventional eliminated pesticides in just a few days. Now a new study published in Nature details a diet swap–between black Americans and South Africans–that may have long-term implications in the fight against colon cancer. [Read more…]