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Mommy Greenest Approved: daysy Fertility Monitoring System

mommy greenest hormone free birth control system daysyFull disclosure: I got pregnant with my second child using a fertility monitoring system as my method of birth control. So I was a little suspicious of daysy, a new fertility monitoring system that allows women to plan or prevent pregnancy by tracking their own fertility cycles. But then I did a little research, and quickly realized what a great method daysy could be for women like me, who hate using hormones for contraception. By analyzing your basal body temperature against data from millions of cycles, daysy takes the guesswork out of fertility management—leaving you with a hormone free birth control system that’s more effective than the Pill. Really. [Read more…]

Dissing the Dirty Dozen?

dirty dozen apple organic foodLast week, the blogosphere was all a-twitter about a post maligning the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen” lists, which are published each year in support of their annual “Pesticides in Produce” study. In the interest of full disclosure: I’ve been a supporter of EWG for years, and occasionally consult with the organization. But more importantly, I refer to these lists regularly when writing about organic food on Mommy Greenest. So the article had me worried: Was everything I believed about pesticides in produce wrong? [Read more…]

Dangerous Chemical in Dry Erase Markers

mommy greenest safe dry erase markersRemember chalk? Teachers hated it because it got all over their hands and clothes, and extended inhalation could trigger asthma. But schools may have a bigger problem in the works: Now ubiquitous in classrooms, many dry erase markers contain a chemical linked to serious health problems. What’s the solution? Learn how to identify this dangerous chemical, and make safer choices for the white board.  [Read more…]

Organic Easter in Three Easy Steps

organic Easter pink plush bunnyI wish we could skip Easter this year. It seems as artificial as Valentine’s Day to me—a manufacturer’s holiday awkwardly slapped onto a day of religious significance. Why not just have Chocolate Day or Day to Support the Flower Industry? The Easter Bunny commercials seem to start the day they bring the cupids down—like it’s the same flow of chocolate, just cut from a different mold. So this year, I plan to shake things up a bit with three easy steps to create an organic Easter celebration to believe in. Join me? [Read more…]

My Earth Hour Fail

Toronto goes dark during Earth HourEarth Hour is a truly mind-blowing initiative pioneered by the World Wildlife Fund in which people all around the world are encouraged to turn off their lights for 60 minutes on one predetermined day. You can see from the photo of Toronto in 2008 how much of an impact Earth Day makes. The interactive Earth Hour website let you plug in your zip code and find cool events such as candlelit parties and vegan potlucks, which bring communities together to celebrate environmental activism. Will you help me celebrate Earth Hour? Make a pledge, and you can win an Earth Box from NRG Home Solar!

[Read more…]

Mommy Greenest Approved: GlobeIn Subscription Box

globe in fair trade subscription box mommy greenestSubscription boxes are ridiculously popular right now. You can get them for baby, beauty—even shoes! But the new subscription box from GlobeIn does more than just save you money and score a special surprise delivered each month. GlobeIn’s Artisan Box supports fair trade projects around the globe. Want in? I’m giving away a free box to three lucky winners! [Read more…]

Best in Show: Favorite Natural Lifestyle Discoveries

mommy greenest natural lifestyle picks from expo westThe natural products industry is growing in leaps and bounds—and nowhere was that more apparent than at the jam-packed recent Natural Products Expo West show in Anaheim, CA. I was honored to celebrate Expo’s 35th birthday and listen to incredible speakers like Gary Hirshberg, the organic community force behind Stonyfield Farm and a founding partner of the Just Label It GMO-labeling initiative, and Arran Stephens, who co-founded Nature’s Path on a principle passed down by his grandfather: to “always leave the soil better than you found it.” Plus, I discovered my new favorite band Nahko and Medicine for the People, which delivers messages as powerful as their music. (Listen to “Black as Night.” I believe in the good things coming!) But the best part was discovering amazing new products that are both good for you and good for the Earth. [Read more…]

Is EMF Safe for Kids?

baby plays with wifi cell phoneSince my teenagers both became cell phone enabled a few years back, I’ve been nagging them about the four steps they need to take to keep safe. I’ve worried about brain tumor ever risk since the World Health Organization determined that cell phone radiation is a “possible human carcinogen” and studies showed that children receive double the cell phone radiation as adults because of their thinner skulls. But what about the electromagnetic fields—better known as EMF—generated by wireless technologies such as cell phones, tablets and WiFi? Recent action taken by the French government has me worried about that, too. [Read more…]