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Shower Together: Top Water Saving Tips

water saving shower with a friendIf you live somewhere else than Southern California, this might come off as a little bit bratty. But if I wake up to another perfect blue skied, 70-degree day tomorrow, I just might lose my mind. We’re deep into fall and it still feels like summer. My swapcycled boots sit on the shelf, forlorn. And California faces one of the most severe droughts in history. With everyone talking about home water saving tips, I decided to share a few of my favorites for where we waste the most: the bathroom.* [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest Approved: LumiMist

bottle filled with water and bubbles against white backgroundI’m always up for being a guinea pig to green technology. I cleaned my carpets with alkaline water and drank hair spray to show how unnecessary toxic chemicals were in beauty products. So when LumiMist asked me to take a look at their device, which transforms ordinary tap water into a bacteria-fighting cleanser and toner, I was intrigued. Could something this simple really work? [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest Approved: Maty’s All Natural Vapor Rub

vapor rub in box against white backgroundThis is gearing up to be one frightening flu season. All Ebola hysteria aside, as early as August, intensive care units at Midwestern hospitals were filled with children suffering from human enterovirus, a rare strain of a common cold that goes from bad to worse within hours, making it difficult for kids—especially those with asthma—to breathe. Like all viruses, antibiotics can’t help. The only thing to do is treat the symptoms by keeping airways open. Obviously, if you have a cough or a wheeze that won’t go away, see a doctor immediately—and head to the E.R. if you can’t breathe. But for less serious—but still uncomfortable—scenarios, it’s good to have help on hand. This flu season, my help is in the form of petroleum-, drug-, fragrance- and paraben-free Maty’s All Natural Vapor Rub. This stuff works! [Read more…]

Better Halloween Candy Guide

happy girl eats candyThere was a time when all you could get to give away at Halloween were conventional candies full of food dyes linked to allergic reactions and behavioral problems in children or chocolate cultivated by enslaved African children. In fact, last year I asked readers to boycott Hershey’s chocolates, which led to a fascinating debate between Mommy Greenest readers and a company rep. But I digress: Friends, the times they are a-changing. This year, I discovered better Halloween candy that can be delivered to your door!  [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest Approved: Spa Heroes Beauty Subscription

Photo of natural beauty subscription boxI’ve been thinking a lot about beauty subscription services—you know, when you pay a fee and get a surprise package delivered to your doorstep each month? Subscriptions started with beauty, then the Honest Company started doing it with diapers—now people are even subscribing to get their razors! According to Forbes, subscription is the hottest trend since sliced bread. But subscribing means you have to trust the curator of the service to deliver products that you really want. And when it comes to a beauty subscription, there is no finer curator to trust than Jeannie Jarnot, a former spa director and the genius behind the brand-new Spa Heroes Beauty Subscription, which delivers truly natural beauty products at up to 60% off retail. [Read more…]

2 Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Rules to Live By

back of woman wearing pink bra with one strap removedPlease don’t be fooled by a breast cancer pink ribbon on a beauty product made with toxic chemicals that cause cancer—regardless of the amount its manufacturer plans to donate to breast cancer research, these products do more harm than good. Want a short list to avoid? I’ve got it! [Read more…]

Where Do I Swap My Style? Give + Take!

interior women's clothing boutiqueRemember the 2014 Shop Drop Challenge? That was when I encouraged Mommy Greenest readers to give up shopping for 30 days. The logic went like this: 160 million American women spend about $60 a month on clothes and dump an average of six pounds of textiles into the landfill; if we all stopped buying new clothes for one month we could save nearly one billion pounds of textile waste and $10 billion. So we didn’t quite reach six figures, but this January, 500 women saved more than $30,000 and 3,000 pounds of landfill waste, just by taking a 30-day retail shopping pause—and thrifting and swapping instead. We celebrated the culmination of that event with an event at the Give + Take Swap Boutique in Santa Monica, CA. And now I’m taking the party one step further. [Read more…]

MG Eco-Friendly Party Tips on Simply Bridal

press clip from eco friendly wedding tips from mommy greenest on simply bridal

[Read more…]