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Mommy Greenest Approved: Lash Food Natural Lash Enhancer

lash enhancer product in white tube next to white box against white background.Most lash enhancers are prescription medications that can have side effects. But Lash Food is on over-the-counter lash enhancer that’s proven to make your lashes longer, thicker and stronger—and it’s vegan, cruelty-free and certified natural by EcoCert! Want to try? I did, and loved it so much I’m giving two tubes away! [Read more…]

10 Ways to Nix Breast Cancer Chemicals Now!

woman self-examining her breasts for breast cancerFor years now I’ve railed against the pinkification of October, when companies that formulate their products with ingredients linked to breast cancer have the audacity to slap pink ribbons on them in the name of breast cancer research. This year, I’ve got even more reason to rail: Harvard researchers recently released information on 17 chemicals that can cause breast cancer—and most of them are in products we use every day. [Read more…]

MG Food Dyes on Kids in the House

It’s an oldie but goodie, but Kids in the House recently shared this video—part of a series on eco parenting—and I thought I would share with you. Because despite the fact that we made this a while back—hence the super long lashes, thank you Mr. Makeup Artist—I’m still royally pissed about food dyes. The fact is, American kids eat snacks tainted with food dyes linked to hyperactivity, while in Europe—where food dyes are required to be labeled—the same food is manufactured without them. Does that seem fair to you? Here’s a link to the original video on Kids in the House, an amazing resource of expert videos for parents!

Mommy Greenest Approved: Naturepedic Trio Organic Pillow

white pillow unzipped to show natural organic latex stuffingMy husband and I have different tastes in pillows. I prefer them fluffy; he likes the flat. We compromised by adding two extra feather pillows to our bed—I doubled mine up, while his got tossed aside at night—but it still wasn’t an optimal solution, and I suspected the feathers were causing allergies. So my jaw dropped when I learned that Naturepedic—an amazing organic mattress company that’s leading the fight against flame retardants—just launched a fully customizable, machine washable, allergy-reducing organic pillow. Eureka! Want to try? I love mine so much that Naturepedic stepped up to give away THREE to Mommy Greenest readers! [Read more…]

Does Eco Nail Polish Remover Really Work?

woman with red nail polish removing light pink polish from another woman's handIn the past, I’ve written a lot about nail polish—even gel polish—as this seems to be the single-most effective way to get a not-so-green girl to wake up and smell the toxic chemicals. After all, it’s one thing to tell you that parabens in most conventional beauty products have been linked to hormonal disruption—yada yada yada—but it’s quite another to tell you that if you start using eco nail polish your nails will stop turning yellow. But if you’re making the switch to better lacquers—but still have old polish in a drawer—can non-toxic polish remover work for both? Yes! [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest in Delicious Living

Photo of family sitting at a table in news story quoting Mommy Greenest on Delicious Living“There’s a lot of news about unhealthy foods and toxic chemicals in our lives, and it can get overwhelming,” says Rachel Sarnoff, former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World and blogger at Mommy Greenest. “It’s tempting to act like the proverbial ostrich and just try to ignore anything that sounds scary…The great news is that even small actions can add up to a huge healthy impact.” –Delicious Living online; look for the full story in their fall issue, on stands in October!

Seven Shortcuts to Healthy Cleaners

woman wearing breathing mask and gloves inspects several unlabeled cleaning product bottles.The EPA estimates that the air inside our homes can be as more polluted than the air outside, and some of that pollution comes from our cleaning products. In fact, in their Guide to Healthy Cleaning database, the Environmental Working Group* found that a full half of the cleaning products on the market contain ingredients known to harm our lungs. So what’s exactly in these products—and what can we do to make them safer?  [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest Approved: Sneakz Organic Healthy Chocolate Milkshakes

raw carrots and beets surround packaged organic healthy chocolate milk drinksOkay here’s a genius idea: Create a healthy chocolate milkshake, cram it full of organic vegetables, and package it in a way that’s lunchbox-friendly—for kids and adults. That’s the genius behind Sneakz Organic healthy chocolate milkshakes, which combine USDA Certified Organic milk, sweet potatoes, broccoli and carrots into a delicious drink that delivers more fiber and less sugar than chocolate milk—as well as a full serving of veggies, plus their vitamins (from food, not fortification). How do I know this GMO- and pesticide-free shake is delicious? I personally taste-tested it, and am now giving away FOUR CASES to Mommy Greenest readers! [Read more…]