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Mommy Greenest Exclusive: Jen Boulden

pretty blonde woman in green dress laughingJen Boulden looks amazing. Glowing and perfectly tressed, you would never guess that this new mom is managing on just five hours of sleep. But as in most things, she surpasses expectations. After completing a “Green MBA” from George Washington University, Jen went on to co-found Ideal Bite in 2005, becoming the go-to girl for an emerging green movement that landed her regular gigs on “Good Morning America,” “The Today Show” and “The View,” among others. We met a few years later, after she’d sold the company and its more than 500,000 subscribers to Disney for a reported $20 million. Yes, I was jealous. But even in the middle of that maelstrom, Jen was generous with her advice and was one of the first to encourage the development of Mommy Greenest. Jen and I connected recently to talk about her new family and new media concept,, devoted to—what else?—making green living easier. [Read more…]

Are Our Kids Canaries in the Coal Mine?

I’ve been doing a lot more speaking lately, most recently at an early childhood group in Los Angeles. And I’ve also created a video—the Mommy Greenest Manifesto—that shares some of these concepts, as well. But I thought you might want to click through the information that I share in my talk. There’s a lot more to learn, but from this slideshow you can get the gist of it: Just like the metaphoric canaries in a coal mine, our kids are getting sick from chemicals in our environment. But there are few things you can do today to make our world a little bit safer for children. What do you think? Are these changes you’ve made—or plan to? I’d love to read your comments and hear your perspective. Thank you!


Mommy Greenest Approved: Miessence Balancing Skin Conditioner

jar filled with brown liquid against white backgroundSpring is officially here, and with it the realization that my skin needs to come out of hibernation. It’s dry in some places, oily in others, and I seem to have acquired more wrinkles during the headlong dive into hysteria that is the holiday season. Luckily, I just discovered a miracle in the form of Miessence Balancing Skin Conditioner. Kind of a toner, sort of a serum, this lightweight gel delivers amazing hydration without any oil or cream. My face feels softer, my fine lines are smoother, and my skin just looks brighter when I’m using it. Love!

How does it work? Like all their products, the Miessence Balancing Skin Conditioner is USDA Certified Organic (as well as certified in Australia and Europe). It’s loaded with aloe vera, calendula and marshmallow, as well as extracts of chamomile and bitter orange, plus a dollop of lavender essential oil. The directions say to use it under moisturizer, but I found it just as effective on its own. (If you’ve been reading MG for a while, you know how reluctant I am to add oil!) [Read more…]

3 Questions to Ask if You’re Pregnant

doctor puts stethoscope on pregnant bellyPregnant? Get ready for the god complex. Every mom I know talks about the saint that delivered her baby. The doctor’s word is taken as law, and heaven forbid your birth partner suggest otherwise. But are you and your doctor truly in sync?

In 2012, a University of San Francisco study of more than 2,000 obstetricians and gynecologists nationwide found that although they routinely discuss smoking, alcohol, diet and weight gain, most doctors do not warn their patients about environmental hazards as related to pregnancy. [Read more…]