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Vaccines, By The Numbers

young boy receiving a shotI know that this post will get a lot of attention, and not all of it positive. The last time I wrote about vaccines—when Jenny McCarthy joined “The View”—it sparked a serious debate in the comments section.

But given the recent news of a New York City measles outbreak linked to so-called “anti-vaxxers,” I decided to break vaccines down by the numbers, as part of an month’s infographic-driven series. The facts are below, but here are three that I didn’t add:

In 2013, the Journal of Pediatrics found no connection between vaccines and autism.
In 2011, the Institute of Medicine found no connection between vaccines and autism.
In 2010, Andrew Wakefield, who first proposed the connection between vaccines and autism, was stripped of his medical license for fraud.

What do you think of the vaccine numbers? They seem incontrovertible to me. Is there something I’m missing? [Read more…]

2 Techniques to Combat Colic

swaddled newborn baby cryingThankfully, my kids didn’t have colic, defined as a healthy baby who cries for more than three hours each day, more than three days a week for at least three weeks.

But we all know someone who has lived with a colicky baby. And we feel for them. Because it’s one thing to comfort a crying infant. It’s another thing to comfort an infant who cries for three hours straight. [Read more…]

How to Garden Without Pesticides

little brunette girl in pink outfit and purple cap and gloves holding marigold and purple spadeWhere do kids in your neighborhood like to play? If they’re anything like mine, it’s probably on grass. But yards and gardens can be tainted by pesticides that are dangerous to children’s health—not to mention, pets!

There are about 30 different pesticides commonly used in the United States; of these 19 are considered carcinogenic, 13 have been linked to birth defects, 21 are associated with reproductive problems, 15 with neurotoxicity and 11 are hormone disruptors—and that’s just a partial list.

Pesticides are linked to a host of childhood illnesses—including cancer. In 1987, the National Cancer Institute found that the risk of childhood leukemia increased more than six times when garden pesticides were used at least once a month. It’s so important to learn how to grow without them! [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest Approved: Nixing the Five Second Rule with Zerorez SoCal

woman's hand holding glass of water against white backgroundI was the second to get pregnant. My sister-in-law went first; two years later, I had my son—and then two more kids, in relatively rapid succession.

The two of us had this joke—I’m sure you’ve heard it—that with the first kid you sterilize the bottle if you drop it on the floor, with the second you put the nipple in your mouth to clean it off, and with the third, you wipe it on your pants.

Just writing that makes me cringe. But back then, we didn’t really think much about germs—or toxic chemicals in cleaning products. [Read more…]

Boycott Hershey Update

hershey's chocolate against white backgroundAfter nearly 400 Mommy Greenest readers signed a petition urging Hershey to speed up its goals of certifying cocoa production and eliminating child slavery, the company responded quickly. I called Hershey yesterday, expecting to confirm receipt of the petition, which I had mailed less than two weeks ago. But within a few hours of leaving a message for CEO John Bilbrey, I received a lengthy email from their consumer relations department, which shared some things I didn’t know about the chocolate behemoth. Let me tell you, I was surprised. [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest Approved: Naturepedic

close up of baby sleepingWhere our children sleep is incredibly important. Until the age of two, babies spend more time asleep than awake—newborns can sleep as much as 18 hours each day. Unfortunately, most mattresses are made with flame retardants, linked to cancer, as well as neurological, developmental and fertility problems. Investing in flame-retardant free mattresses is the best option for reducing exposures to these toxic chemicals. [Read more…]