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Chemicals, By The Numbers

beakers filled with colored liquid to represent chemicalsThe shocking information in this post, part of an infographic-driven “by the numbers” series that I’m doing this month, is why I started Mommy Greenest in the first place.

I remember being pregnant with my third child and learning exactly how many toxic chemicals my kids were being exposed to—and that none of them had ever been tested for child safety. How could that be possible? Well, take a look at the numbers. Is it time for an overhaul of our nation’s toxic chemical regulatory policies? I think so. How about you?

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The Big List Book Review on Carpool Goddess


“I will never look at cashmere or chocolate the same way again.” Linda Wolff, Carpool Goddess

Mommy Greenest Approved: The Wonder Seed

four skin and hair care products against a white backgroundDid you know that until 1883 all American paper was made with hemp? Or that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were both hemp farmers? How about this for some heritage: Both the first American flag and the first two drafts of the Declaration of Independence were also manufactured from—you guessed it—hemp fibers.

My source (sorry, couldn’t resist) for all this amazing hemp trivia is The Wonder Seed, which has been infusing their vegan products for 25 years with the optimal amount of virgin organic cold-pressed hempseed oil, said to be the most nutritious oil on Earth. This week, Mommy Greenest readers score 20% off plus a chance to win a box of The Wonder Seed’s hempalicious products, worth $110! [Read more…]