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Enter the Natural Products Expo

crowded aisle at natural product conferenceEvery year I look forward to Natural Products Expo West, the three days in March when the natural industry makes an annual pilgrimage to Anaheim, CA. In this case, “industry” is a loose term. Technically, it means natural retailers, distributors, health practitioners, manufacturers and suppliers.

But in a real sense, the convention draws people who envision, create, manufacture and just plain love natural products. They know the difference between “natural” and USDA Certified Organic, can tell you exactly what it means to be Fair Trade Certified, and put their energy, time and money towards companies that just make things better—better for you, and for the planet.

These are people who get excited about composting bio-plastic and a new fish oil supplement that won’t make you burp. Okay on that last one, I’m talking about me. [Read more…]

GMOs, By The Numbers

tomato with red dye being injected into itIs there a more controversial subject in the food world than GMOs? I don’t think so. With Connecticut and Maine passing GMO labeling laws last year, and 20 more states considering them, we all should get well informed about Genetically Modified Organisms. My problem with GMOs is that most manipulation of these plants involves making them able to better withstand high doses of pesticides. In fact, from 1996 to 2008—the first 13 years of commercial GMO crop production—there were 318 million more pounds of pesticides applied to crops. Take a look at this infographic, part of my “by the numbers” series this month. What do you think? [Read more…]

Can Probiotics Fight Salmonella?

glass bowl of white yogurt topped with blueberries and strawberriesFood-borne diseases cause 48 million illnesses, 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths each year in the United States, according to the CDC. In the past six years, salmonella-contaminated peanut butter caused 1,139 infections in 44 states, while more than 90 pounds of e. coli-tainted foods were recalled during a two-week period in 2013. As many as 73% of Americans reported that they are concerned that food may not be safe to eat, according to a 2010 Harris Poll.

Luckily, help is on the horizon, in the form of tiny little bugs. Yes, you read that right: bugs. [Read more…]

Inside the MG & Moms LA Swap Party

girl holds shoes and white shirt with big smileThanks so much to MomsLA for co-hosting an amazing Swap Your Style Party to celebrate the culmination of January’s Shop Drop Challenge, in which 500 women saved more than $30,000 and 3,000 pounds of landfill waste, just by taking a 30-day retail shopping pause—and thrifting and swapping instead.

We were joined by celebrity guests Christiane Siedel of “Boardwalk Empire,” LA stylist Alison Deyette—she scored Manolos! Plus, Alysia Reiner of “Orange is the New Black” and her husband, David Alan Basche of “The Exes”—our token male of the day—who promised that nothing any of us tried on “ever makes you look fat.” It’s true—check out the video. [Read more…]

Breastfeeding, By The Numbers

breastfeeding infant at mother's breastI’m working on an infographic-driven “by the numbers” series this month, and this information really spoke to me. Although there are challenges, there is also such an obvious benefit to breastfeeding. This information really focuses on the first six months, but the American Academy of Pediatrics actually recommends we continue to breastfeed for a full year, while supplementing with food. I breastfed my son for more than a year, my daughter for nine months, and my youngest for six. It was difficult while working, but worth it. I hope we can share more information like this to encourage the new mamas among us to give it a try for at least six months. How long did you breastfeed? What was difficult and what were your challenges? I’d love to learn from your comments. Thanks! [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest on HuffPo Home Page

Inspired by Mommy Greenest, Jennifer Grayson’s swap-shopping article trends on the Huffington Post home page! Here’s what she had to say:
huffington post mommy greenest

Mommy Greenest Approved: Go Chews Energy Snacks

brown cubes in a white bowl with apricots and pumpkin seeds in backgroundI’m eating Go Chews Energy Snacks as I write this post. I wanted to write about the snacks because of their nutritional value to busy moms—especially nursing mothers—but I didn’t expect to actually love them.

They’re good for you—isn’t that enough? But from the first bite, I was head over heels.

Go Chews Energy Snacks are these little vegan cubes of yummy goodness—kind of like the inside of a fig bar but chewier and without the crunchy bits—that deliver just the right amount of pick-me-up to combat the afternoon slump. Sounds good? I’ve got a coupon for you to try! [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest Manifesto

Warning: These facts can be scary, but please keep watching to see the easy steps you can take to make our world healthier. What do you think of my Mommy Greenest Manifesto? Leave me some comments and let’s talk!