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2014 Shop Drop Challenge

silhouetted illustrated woman against pink background holding a bag from which hearts are emergingEditor’s Note: Check out the 2016 Shop Drop Challenge!

There are 160 million women in the United States. We spend about $60 each month on clothes, and we dump an average of six pounds of textiles into the landfill.

If we all stop buying new clothes for one month we could save nearly one billion pounds of textile waste and $10 billion. Mind-boggling.

I’ve been thrifting and swapping pretty much exclusively for a few years now. When I tell friends that I rarely buy any new clothes, they’re impressed—but they don’t think they can do it, too.

So this year, I’m challenging my friends and followers to stop buying any new clothing or accessories for the month of January 2014. Think of it as the perfect New Year’s resolution to save money and resources: We can buy used, thrift or swap, but we’re giving up the mall. It’s called the 30-Day Shop Drop Challenge. Will you join us? [Read more…]

The Big List of Things That Suck Gets Real

book coverYes, I love my Kindle. But sometimes you just want to hold a book in your hands—especially when you wrote it. The Big List of Things That Suck is now available as a real book with pages, for the low low price of just $4.99. Looking for a great Secret Santa gift? Want to stuff a stocking with style? Check out what these fans had to say about it…

“With the number of chemicals and toxins added to our foods, personal care products and homes these days, it’s tough to differentiate the good from the ugly. The Big List of Things That Suck just tells it like it is: This is all you really need to know.” –Kim Barnouin, Skinny Bitch

The Big List of Things That Suck is really educational…entertaining too. It’s definitely food for thought.” –Jenna Elfman

The Big List of Things That Suck is a great resource for people who want to make a change. It’s realistic, but it’s empowering, too.” –Mariel Hemingway, Healthy Living from the Inside Out

Of course, if you’re staying digital, The Big List can be downloaded for less than a latte at Amazon and Smashwords. Please take a look, I’d love to hear what you think!


Between Pages Toasts MG Holiday

“If you’re looking to have a green holiday or discover new products, check out the Mommy Greenest site.” -Deborah Stambler,

Mommy Greenest Approved: TriCalm

tricalm gel on white backgroundAs I’ve shared previously, mosquitoes love me. Maybe it’s my blood type, or maybe it’s my love for sweet-smelling natural perfumes, but I am a biting bug magnet.

Which means I am entirely too familiar with itching—and the over-the-counter remedies used to fight it. I’ve got sprays and creams and gels galore, but nothing seems to dull that scratching urge for long—until now. [Read more…]