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Cheap Organic Food Delivered. Yes, Really.

beautiful organic fruits and vegetables in a wood crateCSA, how do I love you? Let me count the ways. I love you for the organic food box that arrived on my doorstep at 4 a.m. this morning and the juicy persimmons that I chopped up for breakfast two hours later.

I love the idea of gardening, but the reality is I tend to kill things. I love that you take the pressure off. And for getting my kids so excited about cherries that they dive for the box.

Oh, and about that box, I love you for filling it to the brim with organic food every week for just $25, which includes delivery to my doorstep. But most of all, I love that you’re now giving Mommy Greenest readers $10 off their first order! [Read more…]

Eco Confession: I Used Pesticides (& Lived)

cockroach on white backgroundIf you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I hate pesticides, and that I’m not a huge fan of toxic chemical cleaners, either. I prefer naturally formulated, eco and organic products whenever possible. Yes, I’m the eco geek that bans triclosan like the plague and DIYed my own gnat traps with wine and non-toxic dish soap. Until now.

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Shop Drop for Spit That Out

“Rachel Sarnoff of Mommy Greenest has created an entire campaign with her Shop Drop Challenge. She is challenging her friends and followers to stop buying any new clothing or accessories for the month of January 2014 – something I can totally get behind considering I almost exclusively shop secondhand anyway!” -Paige Wolf, Spit That Out

Go Put On Your (Natural Beauty) Face!

woman holding makeup brushes with children's drawings behind her“I’m just going to go put on my face.” How many times did you hear your grandmother say that? For me it, was too many to count. And it always confused me because honestly my grandmother didn’t look that different before and after. But as I grow older, I get it. Today, it takes a little work to achieve the “natural” glow that I used to have without any makeup at all. And even though no one probably even notices, I feel better when I have my natural beauty face on. It takes me literally five minutes. I use five natural beauty products. And there’s not a toxic chemical in the bunch. Here’s how.

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12 Easy & Healthy Resolutions

toy house with stethoscope wrapped around it on white backgroundThese easy-to-implement healthy resolutions can help make 2014 better for you and your family. So tell me: What’s your healthy resolution?

1. Buy less bottled water.

Bottled water may be convenient, but it’s not exactly safe. Most plastic bottles contain hormone-disrupting BPA, which leaches into the water you drink. Plus, bottled water isn’t required by law to be tested for safety, and has turned up positive for lead, copper, chlorine, mercury and—ick—giardia. A better bet is filtered tap water—even a BPA-free plastic filter pitcher will do—and a stainless steel reusable water bottle for when you’re on the go. Plus, avoiding bottled water can save the average family $50 per month! [Read more…]


metal tin with steam escaping the open lid against a black background1.2.14 Editor’s Note: After being alerted by a reader (see comments below), I was disappointed to discover that Steamcream does in fact contain parabens, which are absolutely not Mommy Greenest Approved. I apologize for not doing a more thorough job of researching this product. When I investigated further, the company told me that, “”The parabens we use are esters of 4-hydroxybenzoic acid which occur widely in the plant and animal worlds (for example, in barley, strawberries, blackcurrants, peaches, carrots). Ours has a mineral origin that is synthetically refined and does not contain any material from animal sources. We buy it in powder form and dissolve it into our formula.” When I asked them to tell me exactly which parabens they were using, they shared that they were methylparaben and propylparaben, “proven to be the safest for cosmetic use.” On the EWG Cosmetics Safety Database, methylparaben is identified as a four hazard, and propylparaben a frightening 10, the highest possible hazard for a cosmetic ingredient. Given this new information, I don’t feel comfortable picking winners for this sweepstakes. But I also want to keep the post up, so this community can see how mistakes happen to the best of us–especially when it comes to beauty product labels. I am truly sorry if I inadvertently misled any of you with this post. Please comment below with your thoughts, or email info(at)mommy if you’d like to discuss further. Here is the original post:

For years, I’ve been a steam junkie. As a teenager, I used to fill a bowl with boiling water, then throw a towel over my head to heat up my skin. Today, a hot bath does the trick—whether I’m working a skin lightening or hydrating natural beauty treatment. But I never thought that steam could be used to actually create the natural beauty products that are good for my skin. That is, until I discovered Steamcream. Wanna try? Mommy Greenest readers scored 20% off, plus a chance for freebies! [Read more…]

Ecouterre Signs Up 2 Drop Shop

Mommy Greenest in Ecouterre









“Shopaholic? Take the Mommy Greenest’s 2014 Shop Drop Challenge!” –Ecouterre

Treehugger Newspaper Conundrum

brunette woman holding Los Angeles TimesDuring childhood visits to my grandmother’s house, she’d put me to sleep on the fold-out couch in the den. At some point early in the morning—it was always dark outside—I’d half-awaken to the sound of her puttering around in the kitchen and the smell of the mud she called coffee percolating on the counter. By the time I actually got out of bed a few hours later, the coffee would be gone and my grandmother would be happily working on whatever task she’d set for herself that day.

Note my use of the word “happily.” Consider, if you will, the contrast in my house. [Read more…]