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Win It: $100 Cliff Spencer Compost Bin!

This week, one lucky reader will win a $100 compost bin hand-crafted by legendary woodworker Cliff Spencer, who transforms salvaged and sustainable wood.Cliff Spencer is renowned for the alchemy that he brings to woodworking—transforming rough, discarded pieces into furniture, cabinetry and decorative pieces that are so smooth and supple they’re almost alive. My favorites are the one-of-a-kind tables he crafts from reclaimed and beautifully stained oak wine barrels.

For years, I’ve been begging Cliff Spencer and Co (which really means his beautiful wife Leigh) to create smaller pieces so people like me can own a piece of his artistry without having to completely redo a room. Enter the compost bin! [Read more…]

3 Tips to Avoid Obesogens—And Obesity

Obesity is one of the biggest challenges we parents face. Here are three easy ways to make sure your kids have the advantage against childhood obesity.I was not an obese child, but I always thought I was fat. I spent years battling with my body: counting calories, stepping on scales, drinking diet soda, exercising furiously and then not at all. I was terrified of obesity.

It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my first baby and regularly doing prenatal yoga that I finally experienced the light-bulb moment. My then 50-pound heavier body was powerful. It had a purpose. Yes, I felt better when I was fit, but that didn’t mean I had to lose that power when I wasn’t. And it certainly didn’t mean I was destined for obesity. [Read more…]

Win It: $100 Recycled Metal Jewelry!

eco recycled silver metal jewelry giveawayThis week ONE winner will win a $100 recycled metal jewelry shopping spree from Balsamroot Ranch!

I fell in love with this recycled metal jewelry line as much for its classic, simple design as for the fact that everything is handmade in the United States using recycled metals and sustainable materials.

The prices are amazing: Stackable gold-fill rings for just $18; beautiful sterling silver earrings for $28. Giftable? Absolutely!

Here’s how the contest works: [Read more…]

Jenny McCarthy is Viewless on Vaccinations

Jenny McCarthy’s opinion about parenting inevitably circles back to one idea: vaccinations cause autism. But the facts prove she's wrong—and dangerous.Jenny’s McCarthy’s appointment to the chair vacated by Elisabeth Hasselbeck on “The View” has critics up in arms. The new post gives Jenny McCarthy the opportunity to share her opinions with three million viewers—many of them mothers—each day.

With two books and countless speaking engagements behind her, Jenny McCarthy’s opinion about parenting inevitably circles back to one idea: vaccinations cause autism. But do the facts support her opinion? [Read more…]

Can Diet Soda Make You Fat?

diet soda linked to obesityCould that stuff we drink to stay skinny actually be making us fat?

A Kaiser Permanente study found links between the BPA lined cans of food and drinks like diet soda and increased risk of obesity for puberty age girls.

Drinking diet soda in a bottle? You’re still at risk. [Read more…]

4 Steps to a Natural Brazilian Blowout

Beautiful brunette model on white backgroundI hate my hair. How many times have you said that? For me, it’s the limp, wimpy, stick-straight stuff that greases up within hours of washing; for my curly-headed friends it’s the frizz, kinks and knots.

And for all of us chemical treatments beckon, promising the perfect ‘do with no downtime. But the grass isn’t greener on the other side of the part: Chemical treatments, such as perms, relaxers and the so-called “Brazilian blowout,” depend on heavy doses of chemicals like formaldehyde, which has been classified as a “known human carcinogen” by the National Cancer Institute.  [Read more…]

3 Steps to Safe Baby Decor

blue-eyed baby chewing on crib railNesting? That pastel nursery you eyed in a catalogue might not be so healthy for your baby: A study linked frightening levels of chemical-based indoor air pollution with new baby decor, specifically the furniture, mattress and paint.

In 2012, “Good Morning America” set up a nursery with new furniture, paint and a crib mattress, then tested for contaminants. Shockingly, the air in the nursery with new baby decor contained 300 different chemicals, while the air outside the window showed just two. Why? [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest Approved: Purely Posh

beautiful Latina model wearing black spaghetti strap teeYou’ve heard it all before: The skin is our largest organ, as much as 60% of goes onto our skin goes into our bodies, women use about 12 beauty products daily, delivering as many as 168 potentially toxic chemical ingredients into their bodies each and every day.

But even if you want to change out to natural beauty, it might take more time or money than you’re prepared to spend right now—until you discover Purely Posh. [Read more…]