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Poison Rice? 6 Steps to Limit Arsenic Exposure

It’s one thing to learn that there’s arsenic in rice. It’s quite another to learn that there's arsenic in your baby’s formula or your toddler’s cereal.It’s one thing to learn that there’s arsenic in rice. It’s quite another to learn that there’s arsenic in your baby’s formula or your toddler’s cereal.

In 2012, Consumer Reports studied rice and products that use rice syrup as a sweetener—and found that many brands contain more arsenic in a single serving than what the EPA allows in a daily allotment of drinking water. [Read more…]

Elisabeth Rohm Talks Infertility with MG

Actress Elisabeth Rohm is known for her directness. While starring in “Law & Order,” “Heroes” and “The Client List,” she plays tough women unafraid to speak out. She celebrates her curves in a Hollywood culture where thinner is considered better. She’s been a champion of causes from humanitarian to environmental. I’ve known Elisabeth for a few years and have interviewed her several times, but I never thought we’d end up vlogging about infertility—in a Prius. [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest Approved: Vegan Cuts

We've tried veganism, on and off—mostly off, because my kids won't eat “weird” stuff. But there’s nothing weird about this delicious Vegan Cuts Snack Box.My family has experimented with veganism, on and off—mostly off, and mainly because it’s hard to get my kids to eat “weird” stuff. But there’s nothing weird about the awesome Vegan Cuts Snack Box that just showed up on my doorstep.

Seriously, I had a hard time fighting them off from snagging the contents to give me enough time to make a video. [Read more…]

3 Steps to Avoid Antibacterials & Still Keep Clean

There's no research that shows antibacterials like triclosan are more effective than soap and water—but a lot that prove these pesticides can hurt kids.Bacteria get a bad rap these days, what with the focus on germ-fighting antibacterial hand washes, gels, wipes and sprays that promise to squeaky-clean our lives.

But what we might not realize is that these potent germ-fighters wipe out both good and bad bacteria, possibly contributing to an epidemic-worthy spike in childhood asthma and allergies as our kids’ fragile immune systems are no longer exposed to enough of the good bacteria that they need to develop normally. [Read more…]

Can Hemp Save the World?

hemp-organic-healthy-natural-mommy-greenest-photoThe original Levi’s were made of hemp. The United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence were written on hemp. Betsy Ross made the flag out of it, for god’s sake.

What’s more American than hemp? Apparently pesticide-laden cotton and ridiculous Just Say No policies that lump one of the world’s oldest cultivated fabrics into the same class as marijuana, making hemp cultivation a felony in America.

But hemp, which requires no herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers to produce, continues to fascinate sustainable manufacturers. And no, it won’t get you high.

[Read more…]