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MG on Kids in the House

I had so much fun—and so much makeup—making videos with the amazing Kids in the House team. We covered everything from health to style. Check it out!

Top 5 Essential Eco Books Online

stack of hardback books, top one openI am a total bookworm. There’s always a stack of books next to my bed, and usually one in my bag, too. I keep trying to love the Kindle, but there’s something about pages—and the awesome library up the street—that I prefer. With that in mind, here are five eco books online that I’ll keep on my shelf forever. [Read more…]

Why I Heart My Menstrual Cup

African American model in white wedding dress in a 1950s styled roomClicked away, yet? If you haven’t tried a menstrual cup, you’re probably a little skeeved just by the title. But if you can get over the ick factor, take a minute to read on.

I like to think of the menstrual cup in the context of evolution. Talk to your mothers and grandmothers who lived through the era of the gartered maxi, a veritable couch cushion of pad that they wore five days out of the month. Ask them how they felt when they discovered tampons.

That Eureka moment was probably tempered by a wee bit o’ fear. Will it leak? Will it hurt? Will people know? They quickly got over it when they figured out that when wearing a tampon, they no longer had to waddle.  [Read more…]

MG is Kelly Rutherford’s Resource

Kelly Rutherford endorses Mommy Greenest






“A great resource for moms who want the best for their babes.” –Kelly Rutherford, “Gossip Girl”

3 Steps to Breastfeed: Reduce Risks for Mom & Baby

Breastfed infants have lower rates of SIDS; breastfeeding moms show lower rates of postpartum depression. These three steps can help breastfeeding success!When I had my first child 14 years ago, I remembered what breastfeeding friends had told me: Put your baby on your breast the minute he is born. Even if there’s nothing coming out, keep doing it until there is.

I was lucky to have that advice, and to be able to successfully breastfeed my son until he was a year old, and my daughters until they were nine and six months, respectively.

Which is why I was so disappointed in Fran Drescher, who courted controversy in 2011 during a radio interview in which she said that breastfeeding “poisons” infants and recommended that nursing mothers get their breast milk tested for toxins. [Read more…]

Early Puberty? 6 Steps to Protect Your Kids

Molly Ringwald in "Pretty in Pink" movieRemember all those John Hughes movies filled with drama and teenaged angst? Beginning at about age nine, my daughter became Molly Ringwald four days out of the month. Sobbing frenzies predicated by a far-flung brush and “I hate my hair!” A room full of clothes and nothing to wear. Crying jags over misunderstandings.

But studies have me wondering if this monthly moodiness might have something to do with hormones.

Is this early puberty? [Read more…]

Mayte Garcia Shares Flat Belly Secret with MG

“Hollywood Exes” Mayte Garcia shares her bellydancing secrets for flattening my post-third child pooch. Without energy-sucking gym equipment, this is a flat belly exercise you can do anywhere, at any time—even, according to the Ex formerly known as Mrs. Prince, at parties. Will daily undulations give me a flat belly like hers? Doubtful, but it’s super fun trying! [Read more…]

2 Steps to Find the Best Car Seat for Your Baby

sleeping baby in infant car seatWhat’s the best car seat to buy for your baby? It’s a complicated question, as the marketplace is changing rapidly. Parents are realizing that just keeping their children safe in a crash isn’t the end-all, be-all to determine the best car seat. Especially considering that many children are in car seats for as many as several hours each day, we also need to think about the long-term implications of exposing our kids to the toxic chemicals that these seats can be made with. [Read more…]