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Aysia Reiner Swaps to Shop with MG

Not only is Alysia Reiner an awesome actress; she’s a super greenie with excellent taste. Which is why she’s the perfect partner for a clothes swap to shop at Give + Take in Santa Monica, CA. Why swap? On average, each of us dumps 70 POUNDS of textile waste every year because of fast fashion. Swapping–and upcycling, and thrifting–clothes can keep a lot of that in a closet, rather than a landfill. Plus, it’s SO MUCH FUN. Right?

Faking It? Get to Know Grass Turf

beagle on grass turf eco organic healthy lawn optionsA straggly, mushy, pee-stained lawn was the bane of my existence for a long time. The grass turf gets very little sun, and the combination of that plus my elderly incontinent dog made the lawn something that I avoided walking through—let alone encouraging my children to play on.

So I jumped on the artificial grass turf bandwagon in a big way, encouraged by landscapers who emphasized the water savings and probably didn’t know much about the true environmental impacts.

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4 Ingredient DIY Organic Face Mask Recipe

eco health organic oatmeal face mask mommy greenest photoI love scrubs but don’t like that most of them contain oil. So I created this natural beauty organic face mask recipe that doubles as a scrub. You can even use it every day—okay I’m a little obsessive—and seriously your skin will never look better.

The secret ingredient to this face mask recipe is honey. Honey is a natural emollient, which means it helps the skin trap moisture. Sugar is a natural exfoliant, as is oatmeal, which also has colloidal—or soothing—properties. And egg whites also increase the production of collagen. Bonus!

All I know is when I use this face mask recipe regularly my blackheads disappear, my giant pores are smaller and my skin feels super soft and clean.  [Read more…]

Eco Journalist Loves MG

“Mommy Greenest is the first site where I send my ‘expecting/new-parent’ friends and family members who want to learn how to create a healthier and more sustainable home for their children. As a mom of two young children myself, I know that much of the information out there can seem overwhelming; Rachel presents it in a way that’s approachable and empowering.” -Jennifer Grayson, eco-journalist and Huffington Post Green columnist.

Fast Fashion Fix

Made in Bangladesh label on white t-shirt.Check your label. Chances are you’re wearing something made somewhere else. That’s because so-called “fast fashion” has outsourced the $3 trillion a year apparel industry to countries like Bangladesh and China, which underpays its workers and allow some of the most dangerous, toxic—and least expensive—means of production in order to provide the American consumer with cheap and disposable goods.

A garment factory building fire that killed more than 900 people in Bangladesh has the industry calling for better regulation of fast fashion. Yet as of today, GAP is still refusing to sign a safety agreement that would require companies to conduct fire and building safety inspections and make the findings public.  [Read more…]

More Reasons to Eat Less Fish

raw salmon with lemon slices and parsleyStories about radioactive tuna from the 2011 Fukushima meltdown that showed up 6,000 miles away on California’s shores sounded too crazy to be true.

The FDA said the radiation was nothing to worry about in the United States, since you’d have to eat pounds of the stuff before being affected. But according to a 2011 Government Accountability Study, the FDA only inspects .1% of the fish we import for consumption. [Read more…]

Sulfites and Wine: The Headache Connection

woman drinking red wineI love wine. Unfortunately, wine no longer loves me—the long headache isn’t worth the short buzz. But according to wine expert Olivier Magny, it’s not the wine itself that’s the problem, it’s the type of wine I’m drinking. Cheap wine. American wine. Sulfites in wine.

Olivier, who has taught the art of sommelier-ing to more than 100,000 students at his Paris-based O Chateau, has a problem with sulfites and wine. “Wine should never give you a headache,” he told me. “Good wine—which in my book doesn’t mean expensive but does mean well made—is guaranteed headache-free.” [Read more…]

MG is Essential for Organic Authority

“Mommy Greenest is an essential tool for any parent or expecting parent, that takes you step by step through how to truly detox your home, creating a safer, healthy home for your family.” Laura Klein, Organic Authority